Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Maybe I'm getting old...Maybe I'm maturing :)...cough.  But this New years Eve I wanted to just be at home, surrounded by my family, put the kiddos to bed at a decent hour & if the ball drops while I sleep, then so be it.
This past week has been the most "normal" week since finding out that Andy has cancer, about 4months ago. I'm praying we have many more weeks just like this in the next 4months...
There is something about a new year that brings HOPE, a FRESH START. I'm so ready to leave 2013 behind. I plan to start 2014 pretty slow...making & taking more time for me. Continue living a healthier lifestyle, seeking deeper relationships with my Heavenly Father, my husband & my children.
Yesterday I received these two lovelies in the mail...
Once the kiddos hit the hay, this is what I'll be doing :)
The magazines reminded me that I had taken some photos of our Main living room area this past Summer & never did get around to posting them. With the New Year ahead of us, I thought I'd share them now.
Painting almost our entire home white was probably the best design decision I've ever made. I love changing things up & keeping it fresh & new. A few yards of fabric, change out the pillow covers & we're good to go. And the all white palette allows me to do that frequently & have a new look without breaking the bank!
Since taking these photos, I've changed out the orange chevron for Jade & love it!
Plain white lamp shade, purchased on sale at Target...I got my mom to do the lettering in pencil & I traced it with a sharpie, one of my favorite old hymns. The love of God, How rich & pure. How measureless & strong...
An old velvet chair I found beside the road...
An old desk I scored off Bargain Hunter's Unite for 30.00 I believe...one of my favorite purchases of 2013!
Just posting these photos is inspiring me to bring up that box of fabrics & Rubbermaid labeled Decor' and do some more "renovating."
If you have a blank canvas to work with, it doesn't take much to change it up!
Maybe my magazines will inspire me further when I get a chance to pour over their pages later this evening...:)
Happy New Year!

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