Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day in Pictures

    We had an amazing weekend,just us & the children! For the 1st time since Andy & I have been married(10yrs. now) we did NOT spend the day at a ball tournament over Memorial Day weekend & I loved it!!!!!!
    Saturday eve.we took the children to Pizza Hut for supper after spending most of the day in the pool. Then Sunday we missed church,Dawson had a Veterans ceremony to attend with his group of cub scouts,including a mini parade to the cemetery followed by a memorial to those who gave their lives to give us the freedom we enjoy today...

    When we got home there was bowls of popcorn all around before heading back out to the pool...
    Monday morning we headed towards my hometown of Mt.Eaton to watch the Memorial Day parade.(all 6min.& 30sec. of it)....:)
    Little brother NOT cooperating!
    Grandpa happened to go through town & saw us sitting there so he stopped & watched the parade with us.
    The band is always our favorite part of the parade:)
    The children with their stash of candies...we had intended to take them to the Wilderness center to feed the fish in the afternoon or take them fishing but it was just way too hot,they wanted to go home & get in the pool(can you guess where they will be spending the majority of their Summer Vacation??)
    So this is what they did till the sun went down then there were s'mores to make over the fire pit till more day of school then its lazy days of Summer schedules,staying up late & sleeping in,soaking up the sun,Popsicles & picnics outside under the big maple tree....

                                         HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TO YOU ALL...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My mother's day started out with a Dozen pink Roses & Breakfast in bed!
I heard little whispers & daddy saying shhh...quietly as they all came tip-toeing into the bedroom with 2eggs cooked to perfection & toast to dip into the rich gooey-ness of my dippy eggs,nestled on my favorite plate(purchased at save n serve for .50) & a tall glass of OJ.
I did end up taking my breakfast out to the dining table to enjoy it with my family.
The children were so excited to have helped daddy make breakfast for mommy.

After breakfast the children asked if they could use some of my copy paper & their crayons,I was more than happy to let them draw while I went & got a long, quiet, uninterrupted shower. When I was finished the children surprised me with their homemade  Mother's Day cards...
from Weston,there was a vase with flowers in it on the inside.
from Aalyvia,there was another horse on the inside.
from Dawson...
this was the inside of  Dawson's card:) if you look closely at his self portrait,it does not have a nose. After the 2 younger ones brought me their cards they said,"it's taking Dawson a long time cuz he can't get his nose right"...I wasn't sure what they meant but then when Dawson brought his card out he explained to me that he couldn't get his nose right so he just didn't make one:)

After lunch we all went to Shreve Lake to fish off the bank,something we all love to do.
Andy hardly got any fishing done,his job was to put worms on hooks & fish off hooks. Aalyvia was the only one who put her own worms on. I think I shuddered every time I watched her put one on,blech!
River's fish line was NOT being cooperative:) He was not happy with it.
We didn't fish too long,they didn't seem to be too hungry so we came home & I made big bowls of popcorn for everyone while we watched America's Funniest Home Videos:)...
It was a really good Mother's Day!

what did all of you do for Mother's Day?!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunny Yellow Sun Dress

I made this sun-dress for Aalyvia for Easter & just haven't had the chance to take any photos till now.
The picture quality is not great,it's time to upgrade the camera. ahem...birthday maybe??
The pattern is Simplicity that I purchased @ Walmart for 1.99!,pattern #E4927 size 3-8.
I cut out a size 5 but used the size 6 for the length.
becoming VERY annoyed by the little brother that keeps trying to steal the spotlight.
little brother stage left...big sis,not thrilled!!
The pattern did not include the bow,I tend to choose very plain patterns & then add my own embellishments.
I started with style A of the pattern but Aalyvia hated the sleeves so I simply cut them off(I hate seam rippers) we don't get along well.Then I added a very narrow bias.
Aalyvia's  dolly needed a matching dress too,of course & I did  have a little extra fabric so I simply laid an existing doll dress over the fabric & cut around it & voila'!
next time I use the  pattern I would likely line the dress,especially if the fabric is as transparent as this one.
I got the fabric off the sale rack @ JoAnn Fabrics for 1.50 a yrd.& it took a little over 1yrd.

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 years & counting...

10 years ago......actually our love story started long before that.
When I was 19years old I prayed that the man I was supposed to marry would first become a good friend of mine before I even thought of him as someone I might get married to.
That same year I met Andy for the first time through mutual friends & cousins of his.At the time he was dating someone else:( but after we met we became friends & spent a lot of time together as a group of friends we referred to as "The Gang". Within several months Andy's relationship ended with the other girl. January of 2001,only 6months later I get a phone call from my best friend saying"you won't believe who is going to ask you out!"
Sure enough that next weekend "The Gang" got together & Andy waited till everybody else left then walked me to my car & asked if  I would like to go out on a date with him:)...I said yes,of course!
That same year on the night of Christmas with my family,after everyone else had left Andy asked if I would marry him....again,I said YES!
And that takes us to our wedding day,May 3rd 2002...
That day seems like a lifetime ago in some ways,but in other ways it feels like it just happened yesterday.So many things have happened in the last 10yrs. & I'm happy I could share them with Andy.There is no one else I want by my side to share this journey with...