Sunday, October 30, 2011


It seems like just yesterday we were on our way home from the hospitol feeling excited & scared all at the same time....

one of my favorite hospitol photos,sweet little toes...

our 4th little miracle=LOVE,so soft & so new,my heart is full...

all bundled up,ready to go home...

i know it's a cliche' but time really does fly! River will be 10months in 3days,hes no longer that itty bitty,6lb. baby boy we brought home...he is now chubby rolls of soft skin & bright blue eyes that charm our socks off.

i  love soft little baby bellies,with perfect little belly buttons sticking out from under little yellow shirts:)
(probly over-used little,just a little bit,hmm?)

hamming it up with big sis,Aalyvia

he always sleeps like this,with his bottom straight in the air:)

not even 10months & hes pulling himself up,jabbering words only mamma understands...uh-oh,all done,puppy,mommy,daddy(his favorite),buck(of course),daddy taught him that one...

although it seems like time is slipping away too quickly,he is also approaching my favorite baby stages,i can tell he understands when i say somthing to him & hes really starting to interact with his siblings & it's so adorable to watch...
...enough reflecting,i hear my little guy crying in his crib(when he should be sleeping for the night).

good-bye for now,

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mom's birthday brunch...

First a little shout out to my mom,thank you for teaching me the importance of  christian & family values,for dragging my butt to church every sunday morning & wednesday eve. even though I didn't want to go somtimes,for loving me unconditionally when i'm sure there were times I didn't deserve it.Thank you for allowing me to pursue my dreams of traveling even though it must have scared you to death to see your daughter step on a plane & go places you've only imagined.Thank you for teaching me to sew,cook,clean & make a house a home.I am blessed to be able to call you my Mom...Happy Birthday Mom,I Love You!

I was planning to have our brunch outside in the sunshine,make a fire to sit around & drink our tea & coffee but the weather didn't cooperate & our day started out with rain,so i set everything up inside,& sure enough as soon as everyone showed up,so did the sun,by then i didn't feel like dragging everything outside so we had a wonderful brunch indoors:)

My sister Nettie made these perfectly delectable scones,they were delish!

My sister Marie brought the fresh fruit,my sister-in-law Sheila,blessed us w/ the flowers.All I had to do was make the main dish,the very unique breakfast soup:)

My beautiful sisters enjoying their after brunch coffee:)

The guest of honor,Mom & little River just eyeing the scones thinking,if only she would give me just one more bite!

looks like Mom & Sheila are really hashing somthing out;)

Despite the weather we had a wonderful day just sitting around chatting & catching up w/ whats going on in eachothers lives,days like these don't happen near enough.

good-bye for now

Friday, October 14, 2011


   I can imagine what your thinking,another Fall post? Didn't she already do a Fall post? I sure did,but I can't get enough of Fall...The colors,dark rust to bright oranges & rich golden yellows,the crisp air,you can smell the dried leaves,(I even enjoy the smell of neighbors burning their leaves)...i know,that may be alittle weird:)...the evenings are cool enough that it makes me want to sit,snuggled up by the fire w/ my family with a mug of hot chocolate,not the stuff out of a packet either,the good homemade stuff made on the stove top,made w/ melted chocolate & rich whole milk,Mmmm!
   This week the babysitter & I loaded the kids into the van & went shopping for mums & pumkins @ our local produce stand to decorate the front porch.I love the ornamental pumpkins that come in all shapes,sizes & colors...
these mums will get planted shortly so they can develop a root system before it gets too cold.I'm slowly filling up the bare spots in my flower gardens w/ hardy mums so I have bright spots of color in my gardens even after the summer flowers are done blooming ...

here are some mums that I planted last Fall,these mums were all one bush & i divided it  into four different sections along the walkway to the front porch...

orange is probly one of my favorite colors:),i bought 2 of these this Fall...

The sky was absolutely BEAUTIFUL today! A perfect Fall day!
It's days like today that make me wonder how anyone can say there is no God.
As the wind was blowing the clouds today,the sun peeking in & out of the clouds as they moved,I felt like God was painting an ever-changing masterpiece just for me:)

good-bye  for now

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sewing stuff part1

     I've been reading/following quite a few sewing blogs lately & getting some amazing ideas...

     This Fall i've been cleaning out closets & ended up w/piles of clothes that I normally would have either taken to the local thrift store or stored in the basement till next seasons garage sale.

     On one of these blogs suggested reusing items that you don't wear anymore & making clothing for your children with them,the results.........
This cute little shirt was made from an Old Navy t-shirt of mine that i no longer wore.

this ADORABLE,cream sweater dress was made from a sweater someone gave me that i never wore.
Aalyvia said,mommy this is my favorite! It's so cozy & comfy:)

green,t-shirt skirt,made from a t-shirt I bought on clearance it wasn't my size but I bought it thinking i'll lose some weight & be able to fit into it...that never happened;) so nows it's a cute skirt!

embellishment on green skirt.

This skirt was made from an old maternity top,the eyelet was the trim @ the bottom of the maternity shirt...

Then i added some ribbon & lace to give it that little bit somthing extra.

This linen,peasant style dress was made from a linen skirt that i made for myself,w/out a pattern:),& it ended up being too small,so now it has a new life as a dress!

Aalyvia being shy:)

This was another one of those too small,bought on clearance t-shirts that is now a cute,comfy skirt for Aalyvia...

the trim is just another t-shirt that i cut in strips & ruffled as i sewed it on.

This shirt was made from one of my skirts,i later added a small lace trim along the bottom of the shirt,but i don't have a photo of it.

I've also been making LOTS of flower barrettes/pins,now that i've learned how to make them I don't think i can ever bring myself to pay 5.00-10.00 for them anymore!
Now you know whats been keeping me busy the last 2weeks,it's been so much fun,almost addicting,seeing what i can make out of somthing i normally would've thrown out or taken to a thrift store.
The best part is,i made these clothes for 0$!....
I still have more clothes that need to be transformed but i'm waiting on fresh ideas:)

good-bye for now-Ruth