Monday, June 24, 2013

Dresser redo

I snagged this dresser from a Facebook friend for FREE. They were planning to burn it if no one took it. After a little tweaking, it will get lots of use in our big boys' room.
The drawers weren't worth keeping, so those got tossed. They stuck a little & were nailed in multiple places.

I removed the hardware & took Husband's sander, & sanded it all down lightly...
This is the same pint of  paint I used for the lamp redo so for less than 4.00, this dresser got a brand new look.
I took the runners for the drawers off & painted it with a foam roller-I don't have a pic but I've found they give the smoothest finish, if you're rolling the paint onto furniture.
I prefer using paint & primer spray paint, but if I already have paint on hand that can be rolled on, it just doesn't make any sense to buy more :)
The final results turned out great.

I did not paint the interior(laziness on my part).
I bought some inexpensive canvas baskets at Wal-Mart to take the place of the drawers & the boys had fun filling up their "new" dresser.

The boys wasted no time in making it their own.
D has inherited a little of his Mamma's decorating gene & knew exactly how & what he wanted displayed on 'his" side of their dresser.

I love all the little boy treasures...dices, star fish, fossil rocks, trophies...D has also inherited his daddy's pack rat gene...but that's a whole other story :)...
Happy Monday-I plan to make it a good one!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Power of Prayer 2

If  anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels. Luke 9:26
I was challenged today to share something D & experienced, last week when he was sick. I was not going to share this story for fear of how it may be perceived, then I read this verse & felt like I needed to share...
D had been sick late afternoon, last week Tuesday. Just laying around all afternoon, running a fever & before bed was sick to his stomach.
We tucked him in, along with the other children & went to bed ourselves.
I often heard him whimpering in his sleep  & finally heard him come downstairs to sleep on the couch so he was closer to us.
About 3:00 in the early morning I heard him crying scared out of his wits. I came running to see what was the matter & he had had a very bad dream & was just staring at a certain spot in our living room as he explained to me what he had seen.
I didn't know what else to do & I felt a very strong urge to pray over him. I laid my hands on the top of his head, looked in the same direction as he was staring & prayed, "in the name of Jesus, leave our home-get out!...then prayed that the fear that this dream had brought upon  him would also leave him so he could sleep soundly & peacefully.
Almost immediately, I felt his body relax & within mere moments he was sleeping soundly.
We have had so many God moments with D lately &I can't help but believe that God has something very special in store for him. I can't wait to see how God will use him for His glory.
Through these hard & sometimes scary moments, we have been able to share the love of Christ with him & that makes the hard times worth it in the end.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Power of Prayer

So often I pray for the big things & think I won't bother my heavenly Father with the little things.
Just recently many of us were witnesses of God's amazing power in performing a miracle in Rebekah Mast's life. That was one of the BIG things many of us took to God, asking Him to spare her life & bring her back to family.  But this story is  not about her.
haha awww
This is River's story...
About a month ago we had taken River to the Dr. for a sick visit & while checking his throat, the Dr. noticed his 2 front teeth were getting pushed forward due to sucking on a pacifier. So after Husband & I talked about it, we decided to take the plunge & get rid of it, rather than having to do tons of dental work on his mouth later.
We were quite surprised when getting rid of the binky didn't phase him a bit, aside from forgetting himself occasionally & asking for it at random times & then smiling sheepishly when he remembered it was gone.
Very soon after this he started demanding that he get his sippy cup of milk before bed & calling us into his room multiple times at nap time & bedtime for a drink.
Realizing this was quickly becoming a bad habit we limited him to one drink before putting him to bed & making sure he knew that we weren't going to bring his cup into his room again after that.
This resulted in tantrums & fits of screaming to the point where he would say, "I'm gonna throw up"
We would discipline, but nothing seemed to work...then last week the children saw an opossum in the back yard right before bed & Husband went outside to "take care of it" (before it got to our chickens) & not once did we think that maybe little eyes shouldn't be take the screaming fits we were already dealing with & add fear to was ugly!
Finally last night we decided that what we were doing was just not getting us anywhere, so I prayed that God would give us wisdom in how to deal with the whole situation & it was like an aha moment!
PRAY with him...
Praying Children
We took his little hands & prayed that the fear would leave him & that he would sleep peacefully through out the night, & that he wouldn't need his cup to go to sleep...
...within minutes of us leaving his room, he was sleeping soundly.
That was GOD, giving him peace & allowing him to sleep well.
Today when I laid him down & tucked him in for bed, I asked him if he wanted me to pray & he said, "yes, mamma"...again he was asleep within minutes.
God cares about the little things as much as he cares about the big things, He just wants us to ask.
 CARDS: Peruvian School Children Praying (5 Blank Greeting Cards). $8.00, via Etsy.
How amazing is our God.
22.Have faith in God...
23...If anyone says to this mountain, Go. throw yourself into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.
24.Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
Mark 11:22-24

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun, Friday project

Last night I made a rare trip to Massillon. Target is always a must when in that area! And I found some good stuff, at great prices!
Among my finds was a cylinder shaped lamp shade(try saying that 5times really fast) that I've been looking for & just hadn't found quite the right size.
I taped off the stripes. Nothing perfect, I just eye-balled it. Then painted on the black with Glidden 2in1 paint & primer that I purchased at Wal-mart on the half-price shelf. I rarely go into Wal-Mart that I don't check the paint shelves for blooper mixes. I've found some amazing deals already.

After the 2nd coat of paint, I took off the tape strips & the finished project turned out great!
I love it!
this project took me all of maybe half an hour & cost me about 6.00!

Living room redo coming soon!...I'm excited about this one!
Happy Friday Y'all!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mommy reality & other random things...

Happy...(well maybe) Tuesday, friends...
My reality will likely not be your "mommy reality" but this is how my day began...
Everyone wakes up happy & hungry. Four bowls of cereal are poured with some milk & a bottle is fixed & baby is fed, then it's my turn. While enjoying my big bowl of Fruit loops, 9yr old comes up behind me, making me aware that he is having a mild seizure as he points to his face where his mouth is twitching & his head is making small jerking movements. A mom never gets used to this, so I hold him tightly & pray for it to pass quickly cause there really is nothing I can do in the moment.
Once the seizure passes, It usually zaps him of all his strength & he needs to rest a little while.
 Breakfast dishes have been stacked in the dishwasher & I sit to snuggle little man, 7yr old gets up & informs me she has a belly ache & didn't quite make it  to the bathroom before she was sick on the kitchen floor. Now Husband is usually home when these things happen & it's a good thing cause I do NOT have the stomach for it. But today I needed to pull it together & 'get er done'!
At this point the boys have begun a wresting match so I tell them if they have that much energy, they can come outside & help me pick weeds...then it's back inside to make lunch & bake some molasses crème cookies.
the crème part needs to wait till kiddos are napping or it would make it to there bellies & not sandwiched between cookies :)
Then 9yr old comes to me again & he also has an upset stomach :(
so I start putting all the pcs to this puzzle together...last night the 2 oldest were chowing on sunflower seeds, purchased at little bro.s baseball game, only they were eating shell & all. (wondering if this is what is making them sick?) but as I type this they are both acting pretty normal so I don't know...
And for the random.........
I hung up this crafting twine along the hallway between the children's bedrooms for all the art work they have been creating this summer already, I kinda love it!
Tonight is mamma's night out-get my hair done-connect with friends-coffee house-refill my "mom cup" night! I can hardly wait!
A now it is BLESSED nap time so I leave you with a song....
...And we dance the funk of the day away!
It IS a happy Tuesday despite all that has happened, I can choose to be happy & make the most of it or wallow in self pity...I hate self pity-not gonna happen!