Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Today I am 1 month old & growing fast. Although I am still tiny, I've gained 2lbs .4oz. since my birth-day.
I love to eat & do so every 2hrs., sometimes more, depending how awake I've been.
I'm slowly growing out of my newborn clothes & advancing to 3months sizes
I'm starting to have more (happy) awake moments throughout the day. The 1st few weeks, I slept at all the wrong times & fussed when I was awake but I'm working on that:)
I'm starting to focus more on objects, my surroundings, & the people that love me. Sometimes mommy hugs me so tightly that I let out little squeeks:), I know she loves me very much! & those chubby cheeks must be irresistable cuz she just can't stop kissing them.
I'm sleeping longer between feedings at night, which must make mommy very happy cuz she hugs me extra tight when she comes to get me from my crib.
when mommy, daddy or my brothers & sister talk to me I turn my head to the sound of their voices, & when mommy puts her face next to mine, I love to snuggle my face into hers.
That "big"little brother of mine seems to think my little nose is a horn that needs to be honked, he comes to stand next to me & pinches my little nose & says beep-beep, it doesn't hurt, but it is ever so annoying, just wait till I'm alittle mommy needs to stop typing & come pick me up cuz I'm making my hungry sounds.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Survival Mode

These past 21/2 weeks my body has gone into survival mode.
Our family is one who thrives on a schedule. Bedtimes @ 8:00, mornings start @ 7:15, lunch is @ 11:00, nap time is get the idea. And our schedule has been turned upside-down & inside-out since the arrival of our new baby boy!
Newborn stage is the hardest for me, & the most work. I love how snuggly they are as newborns, but I'm usually too exhausted to enjoy it much.
I'm not complaining,It's just life as we know it right now.
Usually around 3months our babies make their own schedules & things start running alittle more smoothly.
Love his tiny hands, toes & button nose...he is tiny & perfect in every way.
River absolutely adores Asher,I can't wait till Asher is alittle older & they are really able to interact & play with eachother, I suspect they will be great partners in crime:)
Thanks to a dear friend who stopped in and captured some newborn moments of Asher, these photos will be treasured for a lifetime!
here are some other moments that were captured also...
My heart is full, my family complete...
Merry Christmas to you all, from our family to yours!
I started this post at 8:30 this morning & just now posting due to projectile baby vomiting, constipation & tummy troubles, bathing said baby, a whole roll of toilet paper rolled into the toilet(River), a full box of wipes emtied & destroyed(also River), hotdogs for lunch for the 3rd time this week, 2 Aleve(due to a sleep-deprived headache), & finally a blissful 2hr. nap with my boys!