Monday, July 21, 2014

For those who may not understand...

Lately we've been getting a lot of questions as to why Andy isn't taking chemotherapy.
Andy's progress is followed by an oncologist, but he chose to treat the cancer naturally.
The oncologist told us that the type of Lymphoma that Andy has is terminal. Meaning, unless God works a miracle, it cannot be cured.
Andy chose to have his cancer treated naturally cause chemotherapy takes a huge toll on your body & quality of life is rarely the same after treatment. He didn't want to put his body through that if there was no cure in the end anyway. We also felt very clearly that God directed us to natural medicine to control the tumors in his body. The Doctors told him if he takes chemo, they could give him 5-10 years. We also believe that no one but God decides how many years, months weeks or days of life we have left. 
Andy is doing what he believes is right for his body & feels great. hes lost 25lbs., slimmed down, has more energy & feels better overall than he has in years! He hasn't been sick(besides the cancer) in over a year & he used to have problems with his sinuses all the time(3-5 rounds of sinus infections in a years time) that would at times have him flat on his back & off work for several days.
Physically he is feeling great & will continue natural treatment. 
He has physical therapy 2 times a week besides the natural meds that he takes to detox, heal & help his body to be as strong as it can be.
Most people don't understand why we take the most expensive route. Medically(chemo), most of the cost would be covered by insurance. Natural treatment, (no insurance is accepted) & Andy's expenses are 600.00-700.00 a month, not including a natural stem cell treatment that is costing him 98.00 every 4 days. 
Most people don't understand why we made the choices that we've made. But we feel that God is leading us on this journey & will provide for Andy's expenses along the way.
Andy is due for another update with his NMD soon & he has a repeat CT scan in September.
We as a family covet your prayers for physical & emotional healing as Andy continues to live with cancer. Most days you would never guess that anything is amiss, looking from the outside in. But there is an almost daily struggle in our hearts & minds where we fight with the "whys"
Ultimately, God is in control of our lives, He sees the big picture that we don't see & when satan attacks with cancer, with emotional, physical & financial stresses & preys at our weaknesses. We need to trust that God sees & cares & will provide physically & emotionally everything that we need!
I'm hoping this update answers some of the questions we've been getting-thank you for your prayers. I'll update as we know more.