Saturday, December 28, 2013

Andy's Cancer Journey December 28, 2013 update

Last week Andy had some repeat testing done with our
 ND & his numbers continue to improve. We are hopeful & continue to praise God for each & every improvement to Andy's health!
The numbers for his liver have improved by 3.5 points, kidney by 1point, glandular levels have improved by 9 points, overall health has improved by 8 points & the numbers for Hodgkin's lymphoma have improved by 4.5 points!! And for anyone who is fighting cancer it is very important to have high PH levels in order to kill off the cancer cells & Andy's is at a +10 which is as high as it can go on the testing that our ND does!! We are very excited about this! :)
His ND has started oxygen therapy this past week, which is something new & we've read some really good things about this type of therapy. This is in addition to the therapy that he has been doing the last 4months.
We are very encouraged by the changes that are taking place! Please continue to keep us in your prayers, this is not an easy journey that we are on but it is all worth it as we continue to see good changes in Andy's health!!
I leave you with a song...It's been in my heart & on my lips all morning! "Our God is healer, Awesome in power..."
Thank you for praying...please don't stop now...
Have a blessed Saturday!

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