Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Turkey Pot Pie

I'm just barely getting the recipe posted Tuesday evening. With the kiddos not having had school since last week Thursday, my days have been considerably more busy. 
Tonight we had Turkey Pot Pie for supper & surprisingly enough the kids gobbled it up without a fuss(they don't like mixed together food) Maybe it was just the promise of homemade ice cream if they clear their plates first :)

Turkey Pot Pie

2T. organic butter
2 medium carrots, diced
1 small onion, diced
1 1/2c. peas
2-3 medium potatoes, diced
2-3T. sprouted flour
1 quart turkey with broth
2 1/2-3c. broth-I used chicken broth
sea salt & pepper to taste

1c. Pamela's baking & pancake mix
1/4c. organic butter, melted
1 egg
2/3c heavy cream

-In a medium size dutch oven, saute' carrots, potatoes & onions in butter. Add sprouted flour. stir till all flour has been incorporated. add the broth slowly, stirring constantly till desired thickness is reached. Add turkey & peas.
For the crust mix all ingredients till smooth & drizzle over the top of the filling. Place in the oven uncovered at 350' till the crust becomes a nice golden color or a toothpick inserted, comes out clean.

I had a little helper making supper tonight. His favorite thing is to have his step stool right beside mamma, in the kitchen, helping with whatever I'm baking or cooking for that day. 

I love how his little tongue sticks out in concentration :)

This is what the Pamela's baking mix looks like. If you're local you can pick it up at New Horizon Naturals in Millersburg. 
This is my go-to mix that I use in place of Bisquick.
I should have taken the time to make a pie crust to top it with but to be honest, I used to always buy the Pillsbury, ready made refrigerated pie crusts & they turned out perfect every time but since we've gone mostly gluten free or sprouted, that is no longer an option & homemade pie crusts scare me just a little.
If you have a tried & true(every time) pie crust that you'd like to share with me, using sprouted flours or gluten free, I would be much obliged :) 

Have a blessed Tuesday-whats left of it :)!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Spicy Chili & Cornbread

One of my favorite meals on a cold winter evening is a big bowl of spicy chili & cornbread, it warms you from the inside out. If you don't like spicy foods, then just omit the chipotle chili seasoning in the recipe. We love spicy at our house :)

Spicy Chili
1T. organic butter
2lb. ground, pastured chicken(or beef)
1 small organic onion, chopped
1 organic sweet belle pepper
2T. organic sprouted flour
1T. chipotle chili seasoning
1 1/2T. cumin
1/4t. black pepper
1 1/2t. sea salt
28oz. can organic crushed tomatoes
15oz. can organic tomato sauce
15oz. water
1 pint organic black beans(already cooked)

-Brown the ground chicken in 1T. butter till browned. Add onion & belle pepper & saute' till veggies are tender. Mix all seasonings with the sprouted flour & stir into ground chicken. Add crushed tomatoes, sauce, beans & water. Let simmer for at least a half hour before serving.The longer it simmers, the fuller the flavor is.
-You can swap the black beans for any other legume of choice, we prefer the black beans or chili beans.
-If you're local, you can buy the organic canned tomatoes at Wooster Wal-mart for almost the same price as the non-organic.

1 1/2c. organic cornmeal
1 1/2c. organic sprouted flour
1t. baking soda
1t. sea salt
1 1/4c.organic buttermilk
4T. organic butter, melted
2T. raw, local honey
3 eggs

-Mix all ingredients. Generously coat the inside of a 12in. cast iron pan till the butter is bubbly. Pour in the cornbread mixture & place into an oven thats been preheated to 350' till lightly golden brown. 
- The extra step of heating the pan before pouring in the batter makes that you get a yummy brown crustiness to the bottom of the cornbread.
-This recipe was given to me from a friend who has been a huge part of my learning to cook healthy & wholesome food for my family.

-The chili is delicious with a large dollop of organic sour cream & shredded cheddar cheese & we love the corn bread drizzled with honey!

...Why buy organic? Did you know that 80% of the food that Americans consume, are GMO foods?
Did you know, if we continue to eat GMO foods, each new generation will need to deal with more & new handicaps & illnesses? The affects of genetically modified foods can be reversed if we change the way we eat now, buying & eating organic, whole foods for our families. Most countries ban GMO foods that are promoted in the United states....Didn't intend to get all "food police" on ya, but the more I read how important proper nutrition is for a healthy body & with all the health issues that our family is dealing with right now...It's pretty important. I used to be one of the biggest skeptics when it came to organic anything, thinking it's just a money making scheme where people rip you off  to make money on the same thing you can buy down the street for less. But I see it differently now. Nothing like cancer & other illnesses to open my eyes to the truth. You can be eating a so-called healthy diet, but if you're not eating non-GMO, then there is nothing healthy about it. I wanted to share a link on GMO foods & blogger isn't cooperating with me. If I can get it to post to Facebook, you can read it there.

Happy Eating :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

GF Granola Bars & Chipotle Chili Chicken Wraps

I really shouldn't commit myself to a certain day of the week when it comes to posting the wholesome foods recipe series...I've missed the last 2 weeks so I'm going to try & catch up by sharing 2 new recipes today.

The first one I'm sharing is a favorite of ours but I can't take credit for the recipe though. My friend Grace shared it with me & it's become a go-to recipe for me. Our kids are snackers & I've learned if there isn't junk food in the house, they will reach for the good & healthy stuff :)

GF Granola Bars

Melt on low heat...
1/2c organic almond or peanut butter
1/3c raw local honey
1/4c coconut oil 
Remove from heat & add...
2 1/2c GF whole oats
1/2c unsweetened coconut
1c dried fruit, nuts or dark chocolate chips

-These need to be refrigerated or they become soft. I chill them, then cut them into 1inch strips, wrap them in plastic wrap & put them in a basket in the refrigerator.
-I often double the recipe & spread the mixture into 2 brownie pans.
-If you're using almond butter, it pairs well with  dried fruit. If you're using peanut butter, the dark chocolate chips taste great.

Chipotle Chili Chicken Wraps
2lb. pastured chicken breast strips
chipotle chili seasoning
sea salt to taste
1/4lb farmers cheese, shredded
1/4lb mild cheddar, shredded
1 head of organic romaine lettuce, cleaned & ripped into large pcs.
organic sour cream
2pkgs of 6, Spelt wraps

-place the wraps in foil & place in the oven on a low temp, just to heat them through while cooking the chicken.
-season both sides of chicken with chipotle chili seasoning & cook in a frying pan with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil or organic butter till cooked through.
-load up your wraps & enjoy!

-I purchased the spelt wraps & chipotle chili seasoning at Whole Foods.

I made the Chipotle Chili Chicken Wraps last night for dinner & they were approved by all & that is a major accomplishment for my family of 7.

I hope you enjoy & have a blessed day!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

When the Holidays are stressful...

Disclaimer; This one might be a bit of a downer, but when life feels hard... if I put it all in writing & off my chest, so to speak, It makes it ok again...
This year the Holidays were hard. They were stressful...
I love time spent with Family & friends & reconnecting with people you don't see often, but with all gatherings of large groups of people...THERE IS ALWAYS FOOD.
Not that food is a bad thing, but my family has specific dietary needs & there is always that question of "is this ok to eat" or "can I have that"...it's hard. I want them to be able to enjoy the holiday, I want them to be able to eat "the good stuff" but that's not always an option, so I find myself wanting to make the entire meal or taking half of my pantry along in order to provide variety so the ones I love can have special things to eat on special days too...Unless you are ever put in a position such as this yourself, it's hard to understand the magnitude of it.
It can also be something you become a slave to & I've said from the very beginning that I don't want that to happen, that I will do my best & God will do the rest...
...Then there's the added stress of little ones. We love them fiercely & couldn't imagine our lives without them...at the stage we are at with the littles, there are bedtimes & nap times & if they are skipped or cut short...well, if you're a parent reading this then I don't even need to explain that one...
I really looked forward to the Holidays this year, thinking they would help to take our minds off everything we are dealing with in our lives right now, but the holidays seemed to magnify all of that instead of helping us to forget.
If you are reading this right now & we come off as stressed or irritable at times...I apologize. We have a lot on our plates right now & it's not always easy to wear the mask of a smile & pretend all is right with our world cause it's not. Our world has been turned up side down & inside out & it's hard. It's frustrating & nothing is normal.
Pray that we could find some normalcy in the chaos...show grace to our children when there are outbursts of emotions...their world has been turned upside down as well. Pleas don't look at them (or us) with faces of "don't you teach them anything?!" because that hurts & it's not helpful (and it happens often).
There can be a whole week of good days...then there are some really hard days. There is never a warning for the bad days & we don't know what triggers them. We are going through some hard days this week so please say an extra prayer for us-thank you.
God doesn't give us more than what He is willing & able to give the grace we need to get through it...We are trusting His timing & His purpose in all of this. If we didn't have God, all this would seem impossible. But He is our strength & that is why we take one day at a time & trust that He knows what is best for us...