Monday, October 22, 2012

Whats in a name...

No, I'm not gonna go all Shakespeare on you, but seriously, how hard does it have to be to choose a name for our son. Maybe when it's the 4th one you kinda run out of ideas.
We have searched names by meanings, most popular lists, most unusual name lists & on & get the idea.
There you have it, what we've come up with so far. All these names are being considered at this point. Only problem is, if we like a first name, what do we use for a second name & vice versa.
We were talking baby names last weekend, The children were helping:)
As soon as the name Carver was mentioned, Dawson insisted thats what we call the baby, He even went as far as telling someone yesterday, thats what the baby's name is...Goofy kid!
Aalyvia came up with Noah, Daddy is not on board with that one...yet.Weston kept coming up with names of his little buddies in school:)
Eli is also being considered as a 2nd name, both Andy & my Grandpas were named Eli so we thought that might be an option. Very likely this list will be taken with us to the Hospital & when the baby is born, we will determine what name suits him best:)
feel free to comment any combination of these names or names that would work well with one of these:) you may win a prize if the name is chosen...probably not, but you would have the satisfaction of knowing we chose yours;)
Happy Monday to you all...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

sewing blog 2

    I've been on a major sewing spree lately. Maybe it's the nesting kicking in or maybe it's just so much cheaper to make the items than it is to buy them. Probably alittle of both. And it really helped, that every time I went to purchase fabric, the fabrics I found that I loved or needed were hugely discounted!
This skirt fabric I purchased at my local Wal-mart for less than 2.00 & I had the lace & elastic. You can't buy a skirt for that!
This is also Wal-mart fabric,also purchased for less than 2.00!
For the 2 skirts above, I simply took a 5/8 stip of fabric & sewed a 1/8 strip to the that I folded in half (length-wise) & sewed it to the bottom of the skirts, then added elastic to the top. Easiest skirts I've ever made. Less than 20min. from start to finish!
This one on the other-hand took me days to finish. It was one of those sew,re-make,repeat...
It was so frusterating but it turned out to be my favorite of the 3 by far!
My sister spotted this sheer fabric at Jo-Ann fabrics, on their bargain table for 6.00 a yrd. & was discounted even more to 40% off the 6.00! I later went back in to find the satin lining for 3.97 & it was also on sale for 40%! If my math is correct, thats a beautiful little skirt for about 6.00, And it was worth all the re-vamping cuz I hated the original version.
I hardly ever use patterns so tutorials are almost impossible. For this dress I used the bodice pattern of an antirely different dress that I knew fit my daughter & just cut it straight down the sides from there to the length I wanted. I wanted the sleeves to have alittle bit of gathers at the shoulder so I just cut the sleeves alittle wider than what the pattern was,then added the faux pockets. I just through the scarf on the hanger for effect:)
And I've been sewing for baby boy too. I saw a pattern of this type of car seat cover on pinterest & didn't want to go through the bother of printing out a pattern, so this is my version. I simply took a yard of thick, no pill fleece, cut a 3inch strip off the side that I folded lenght-wise & sewed along the open edges ,turned the right side out, cut to the right length, added button holes & buttons & I had my loops for the handle. I then found the center of the remaining fabric & sewed the loops to the center. I then attatched the loops to the the handle & let the fabric drape over the car seat. I then trimmed all around it to make so it covered the car seat well & sewed a finishing seam all the way around the edges. It took very little time & was very simple to put together. This fabic was also purchased at Jo-Ann Fabric on sale @ 50% off so I paid about 6.00 to make it.
These are burp cloths, brown terry cloth & super-soft flannel, both purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics. It only took 1yard of fabric to make 6 burp cloths, I cut the yard in half (on the fold) then cut each 3rds, it came out perfectly. these came to about 10.00 for the 6 cloths but it was so worth it! They are thick & will be very absorbent. The flimsy ones you buy at the stores are so thin & hold so little, &if I'm not mistaken, you pay about 7.00 for 3, so these were well worth the extra time, money & effort!
until the next sewing spree...happy sewing:)