Friday, July 31, 2015

Celebrating 10!

It's been a really long time now that I've taken any time to blog...Today, as another milestone passes, I'm making time to put it in writing & save a memory that might otherwise be forgotten.
I'm horrible at keeping baby books for our children. It just doesn't happen.
I'm hoping to spend more time here, saving a lot more of those memories...
...Today was a pretty special day. My one & only daughter turned 10! Double digits!
Shes been saving 2, 5.00 gift cards from Yummy's. She said she wants a Mama & Gracie date for her Birthday & wants to use them today(she earned them last summer already for Bible reading at church)...
We took some extra time & prettied ourselves up & left the men of the house to fend supper for themselves :)

We shared a chicken, bacon, wrap from the Ginger House Cafe'...Then had Yummy's for dessert, right next door-It was delicious!

This Daughter of mine is so much like her Mama in so many ways...
She is a doer & a planner. She loves a good sunset. She can be buried in a good book for hours. When I'm in the garden, shes at my side, wanting to plant, grow & pick things. When she colors, she uses bright & many colors. Shes creative. Her spirit runs wild & free. She doesn't love easily, but when she finds you worthy of her love, she loves fiercely! She holds her own in a good game of basketball & baseball with her brothers(she doesn't get that from me) :)
And she loves babies...We stopped in to see Gracie's new baby cousin, on our way home from her Birthday date...
This was her 1st time seeing & holding her(we are in LOVE!)
I asked her,"wouldn't it be fun to have a new baby at our house too? She claimed,"Only if it's a sister!"
After loving on little Dani for awhile, we headed home...Gracie asked,"will we ever have another baby Mama?"
I explained to her that we can no longer have any of our own, but maybe someday, God would bring us a miracle baby girl through adoption...her reply broke my heart.
She said,"Mama, when I get married, I hope my husband doesn't have cancer. Cause I want 2 or 3 babies of my own"....I hope so too baby, I hope so too!
When tucking her in for the night, she reached out to give me a great big hug & said,"Mama, tonight was the best night we've ever had....I think shes right. It was a pretty great night with a pretty special little girl!
Happy Birthday to the little lady I so lovingly like to call Gracie-Lou <3 (aka Aalyvia)  :)