Thursday, January 17, 2013

A new normal...

I painted today!...painted!
for any of you who really know me, knows that this is me in my happy place!
there are few things I enjoy more than slapping a fresh coat of paint onto something. I've had people tell me that if my children would stand still long enough I'd probly paint them too:)
Being able to paint today proved that things are finally returning to some sort of normal & a schedule is somewhat in place again, and that makes me one happy mamma! Not to mention I have time to Blog about it:),this lady has been a sanity saver for me!
I know it's not linked up right but if you click on the link then scroll down her blog list to Sleeping Babies, you will find what I'm talking about.
She explains how to sleep train your newborn, & I've been doing this for a week now & only having to wake up for 2 feeding vs. the 5-6 that I had been waking up for-EXHAUSTING! (the 5-6x,that is).
I'm actually enjoying my baby boy now instead of just tolerating him, that may sound cold but it really was as bad as all that, there were times when Andy would come home from work & I just wanted to hand the little guy over to him & run in the other direction as fast & far as I could, I will be forever grateful for the sleep teaching method!
With his schedule in place he sleeps longer,he eats when hes hungry & not just because hes fussy & wants something to soothe himself,there are no bellyaches because hes not over-feeding & over-all I have a brand new baby! To put it in a nut-shell...he is a gem! there are days when I can't wait for his 2hr. nap to be over so I can snuggle with him,his smiles are limitless & I know that when I lay him down,he falls asleep peacefully...
Aannd, here is where I would've placed a precious sleeping photo but blogger is once again NOT letting upload pictures:(
For any of you bloggers that use Blogger & know how to fix this,I would be forever grateful for the advice:)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My baby turns 2yrs old

Technically he is no longer the baby, but he will always be my baby.
River is the 1st one of the children that I've had alone for a school year while the big kids were at school. We've had lots of time to play & snuggle & bond with one another.I rarely got a sitter for him cuz it was just easy to take him with me so there were lots of mommy & me dates.
Alot of that has changed these past few weeks due to the fact that hes been given a new baby brother & playmate (that he just happens to adore).
He often comes over to sit with me when I'm holding Asher & rubs the top of Asher's head or touches his cheeks & says "Ashers so cute, I love him." It's in those moments that it all feels right. There have been moments of terrible"Mom Guilt" when I'm busy with Asher & I'm not able to give River the attention that he was used to having. River hasn't been a bit jealous of his little brother though so it makes me feel like I'm doing something right & somehow giving them both the attention that they are needing.
I can't believe it's been 2yrs are becoming such a little man. full of personality & spunk:). I love your constant chatter, you come up with words that mommy didn't even realize you knew. Having a conversation with you always brings a smile to my face. There are days where you are so sweet that I could just squish you for your cuteness then there are those other days where I just sit back & shake my head & wonder where all that attitude comes from.
you're such a happy little man & that smile of yours is completely infectious!
The last month before your birthday you started coming to mommy saying you need to "poop potty". Both of your brothers weren't potty trained till they were 3 so this came as quite a surprise. you don't tell me every day, & mommy is not rushing it at all(in fact I'm not as ready as you seem to be).
I can't believe that you are a big brother,I think you will always be the little brother when I think of you as you grow up:)
I wanted to post some more recent photos but for some reason it won't let me upload from my computer:(...this is a day late posting,but Happy belated Birthday River Jackson, you are one LOVED little guy!