Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tonight as I looked through recipe books I realized that most of the cookbooks I own have mostly semi-homemade recipes in them, calling for cake mixes, mix packets & canned cream soups...all things that my family (& most families) if we're being honest, shouldn't be eating. It got me to thinking of the food journey, this road to getting healthy has taken us on.
Most diets are nothing but fads & most health issues stem from the simple fact that we are ingesting more chemicals than we are nutrients.
Gluten free is one of the diets I am beginning to question...hear me out :) If you are making your own GF foods, you're probably ok, but start looking at pre-packaged GF food labels. Most of them have corn starches in them. If they are not also organic, it is very likely that you're eating a GMO food in a fancy, expensive package. Same goes with low-fat/no-fat diets, your body NEEDS the good fats. If they are taking the fat out of the foods, you better believe they are filling it with other things that are much less good for you. I could go on & on...
After doing some research I also discovered that a lot of gluten intolerances come from the highly toxic chemicals farmers use to spray their wheat crops with  & not the grain itself. Now I'm sure that's not the case for everyone that is gluten intolerant, but I believe it is for the majority.
 I guess what I'm getting at is...I'm thinking of doing a mini series of, using real, organic ingredients & I'm wanting your feedback. I'm not an expert & don't claim to be. And a lot of what I've learned is largely due to a dear friend of mine that has literally, at times, taken my hand & helped me through all the food challenges we've had these past couple months that have felt like years. If I can somehow pay it forward & help make it a little easier for someone else, I'd love to do that...let me know what you think & I'll share some of our favorites that we've tried since starting this journey! 

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  1. Wud love to hear those recipes! Sara Keim