Monday, August 27, 2012

The Boys' Bedroom

The boys' room is far from finished but I keep posting about all thae painting that is getting done around here & thought I'd share some photos of what it looks like so far.
I also ended up cleaning their rooms this week & it took me about an hr. per each room so I thought I'd snap some photos before it looks like a pig sty again:(
The map I'd like to get a wide wooden frame made for it in a dark stain. The antlers are 2 of the( probably 100) that my husband has stored in the basement,well maybe not that many,but close. Dawson wants his daddy to make them wall hooks out of some of the antlers that haven't been mounted yet(that will be a project for this winter when everything slows down a bit.
I see now that the rug would look much better if I would of placed it sideways but here is the view of their beds. The comforters were a steal I found at Wal-mart for 12.00 each.I made the green pillows & sewed the 1st letter of each of their names on the front.
Weston still needs a bedsides table & I'd like to find them each an old trunk to place at the end of their beds to put all their treasures in:)
the color scheme i'm going for in their room is charcoal gray,grass green & some brown/tan wood tones. Weston also still needs a chest of drawers to call his own...high-time to go flea-marketing/garage-saling for furniture for the rooms upstairs!
The upstairs bedrooms still need to be trimmed out & carpeting put down but I am just so thrilled that the children have been able to spread out into 3 different bedrooms that if the those 2 things don't get done for awhile it's fine by me.
each room also has one of these little dormer nooks. I'd like to eventually hang a rod across the top of the wall & hang curtains from floor to ceiling so they have a quiet little reading/playing nook with comfy chairs or oversised floor pillows & possibly little crate-like baskets mounted to the wall for their books.( had some images that I pinned of how I want it to look but for some reason I can't get them to upload to my blog.....NETTIE,little sis needs your help!
And the closet space...long pause in thankfulness for all the closet space that I've gained  by having finall finished out the upstairs....
O.K.,where was I? O yes, the closet space. once upon a time,there were 3 small children who all shared a TINY bedroom & a TINY closet that wasn't near large enough for any one of them to use alone but somehow I managed to fit all their belongings into one space. I will be forever grateful for the 3 closets that are upstairs & a room entirely made for toys(that post will be coming soon).
well that is all for the Boys' room,when it is completed exactly to my liking I will post another entry...until then.

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