Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The last hoorah of the Summer...

This Summer we've been doing quite a few things with the Hilty & Raber families & some activities with our church group, but we hadn't done anything that was just our little family. We left it up to the children, what they wanted to do. They were all in agreement that they wanted to spend the night at a Hotel to swim & sleep,then go to the Zoo the next day, so that is exactly what we did.
This little guy turned into a wild child after we got to the Hotel,(too much sitting for too long,in a car-seat). jumping up & down on the beds,tackling his brothers & sister...

This one had no fear of the water at all! He jumped off the sides of the pool for daddy to catch him & screamed when daddy hung on too tightly,he wanted dipped & caught & spun around in the water:)
The others preferred the hot tub, it was warmer & they felt safer in an area where they could touch the bottom. They swam for about 2hrs. then I took Aalyvia & River upstairs to get started on baths.
    We weren't upstairs more than about 15min when I heard a terrible goings-on outside in the hallway. It sounded like some parents screaming at their kids so we opened the door to see what was going on, only to be told to quickly get back inside by Hotel staff, but I had seen enough to know that we didn't want to leave our room till things settled down,there were 2 men & a very unsteady,uncooperative woman...Police were called & about 20min. later things settled down again. We found out later it was domestic violence & lots of drinking involved.(there had been a wedding at the Hotel earlier that eve.)
That night I was wishing for my own bed,in the country, where I felt safe & sound! there wasn't much sleeping for this mama that night!
these kiddos slept amazing though,for which I was very grateful! wasn't expecting them to because there were loud,drunk people roaming the halls till about 3:00 in the morning followed by banging Hotel room doors.
    The next day we were off to the Zoo...
Sleepy Koala-Sleepy Baby
by the time we got to the Northern treck of the Zoo, we had one very tired baby & an exhausted mama, when we found out that the tram for the Northern treck was no longer running, I quickly decided it would be a good idea for me & the little guy to stay at the bottom & let him sleep while the others took off on another adventure. Which turned out to be a VERY good idea because when they got back down & we got through the rainforest I was dead on my feet. 6hrs of walking, uphill & down,carrying along a 6month belly & pushing a stroller...lets just say,this hiney was ready for a sit down!
what have you done this Summer with your families?

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