Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Canning & Preserving

This is the time of year where things get a little crazy in my kitchen, it's canning & freezing time...
Yesterday  was one of those days,there were lots of apples & tomatoes to preserve & only 1 ME.
This is what my kitchen island looked like at 6:30am when I dragged my hiney out of bed & got started with it all. It's something I always dread a little bit, getting started, but then it gives me a little bit of rush knowing how much $ I will save on my grocery bill if I fill the cellar with foods that I preserve myself. There's also the satisfaction of knowing what is going into our food, no un-pronouncable ingredients going into my food!
I got 11qt.Spaghetti sauce
16pint Pizza sauce &
9qt.Tomato juice from the pile of tomatoes 
& my only cost was the Tomato Paste that went into the sauces, which cost me 2.72!
The spices I already had in my cupboard & the veggies that went into it came from my could buy about 2jars of sauce for that price at the supermarket.

The apples I purchased at a local Farmers Market for 31.50. 
I use the Ginger Gold, they are a very sweet apple that doesn't require adding any sugar.(cheaper for me that way.)Since I bought them I've learned from another source that I can get the same apples at Sunny Slope Orchard for 9.00 a bushel, if I get the 2nds, which only means they may be a little smaller that the 1sts. I will definitely be getting my apples there next year. I gave 21.00 a bushel for mine this year & I got a bushel & a half, which still came out to about .50per pint & a 1.00 per qt...& that's not bad.
I got 43pint & 10qt.from that bushel & a half of apples.
That's A LOT of food=)!
Any-who...that was my day yesterday, I did have a young girl here to help keep the kiddos entertained, but the canning was all me,myself, & I! I got done w/ all the cold-packing & clean-up by around was a VERY long day, but oh so worth it!
If anyone is interested in recipes or how-to ??? just leave a comment & I'll try to answer those on a later post,all out of time for today...

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