Friday, September 7, 2012

The Playroom

Wow,trying to gather my thoughts...I had all the kiddos quietly playing Legos & as the photos uploaded the fighting ensued! now all the Legos have been put away & they have all been sent outside to play & wear off their angry energy.
The children finally have a room that is entirely for toys,no mounds of toys in the living room,kitchen or bedrooms,it's a beautiful thing! Although they do keep their favorites beside their beds for safe-keeping from the littlest Hilty who can make a disaster with toys pretty quickly:)
I really should have taken before photos of what this room looked like before I had it cleaned up. I literally hauled out 2 garbage bags of trash/broken toys etc. that simply got burned. Followed by 2 big boxes of things for the garage sale. along with a few larger items that the children had outgrown & no longer wanted,it was very liberating!
The after photos make their playroom look pretty sparse but thats o.k....Christmas is just around the corner & the house tends to get full pretty quickly when the Christmas gifts start rollin in. Now theres a place for them all to go:)
I had a few cute creepers who kept wanting to get in on the pictures:)
Eventually I would like to get some matted frames to hang the children's artwork in here, on one wall. Another wall will get a large chalkboard painted on it. Lanterns or string lights of some kind would also be a nice touch,I think. It needs to become a place where they love to play. I'm hoping to get this project finished before the snow flies & they are cooped up inside more.
Any suggestions on how to make this a much-loved,much-used playroom? I would love to get some ideas that I could use in this space!

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  1. Pint a big Chalkboard wall for the kids to draw on. Your other ideas sounds great too