Friday, August 10, 2012

Baby's Layette,made by me

I have had so much fun getting ready for the arrival of our little guy!
This time I've been making a lot of the items myself or putting my personal touch on an original item.
A lot of my ideas have come from Pinterest, where else?:)
Where was Pinterest when I had our 4 other children?!
This is what I've been working on so far. I'm sure there will be more later,but this is what I have right now.
The blanket I crocheted myself, It took me a few weeks but I love how it turned out!
I also made a matching newsboys hat...
I did NOT go by a pattern to make this hat, I tried & I simply cannot make sense of any crochet pattern. I'm more of a 'just wing it" kind of person & if it's a flop I ask someone else to make it for me:)...(the main reason I suck at tutorials!)
I can't wait to see our little guy all snuggled up in his hat & blanket.
Aalyvia's doll has been a model for most of the things I've made because it fits most 0-3month clothing items,& that seems like a good guide to go by.
The long-sleeved onesies I purchased at Kohl's& added the embellishments. The fabric for the tie I purchased at JoAnn fabrics for .62,cut out a tie shape & sewed it on. It has an iron-on backing to keep it from fraying. The football threads I made just for daddy,cuz he loves football. I just used a white knit fabric from an old t-shirt,cut out the shape of a football thread,backed it with an iron-on fabric & sewed it on.
The little white hat,(I used an old hospital infant's hat to use as a guide for how big to cut it),used a white t-shirt that I no longer use, used the bottom edge of the t-shirt for the bottom edge of the hat,(no hemming),cut around the hospital hat & cut a little point at the top so I could knot it after it was sewn together. And now he has a cute little hat to wear at the hospital instead of those ugly blue & pink ones.
Like I said, I suck at tutorials,but if you do want to make any of these items& you need patterns or directions on how to make them, you are welcome to visit my pinboards. Most of these are pinned onto sewing,make it, or baby boy