Sunday, March 25, 2012

hearts,bows & polka dots

It's been awhile since I've posted but I've been very busy painting,sewing & painting and so on...
I thought while I have a few minutes on this day of rest I'll show you two of the very simple skirts I've made for Aalyvia...
all the skirts I've made for her so far are very basic then I just add details where I want them. This skirt I just measured the length I wanted it to be & then cut a strip of fabric to the approximate fullness that I wanted it to be. I then sewed the ends together,added elastic to the top,bias tape to the hem.For some reason the pieces I make often turn out better in the end if I don't follow a pattern.
I bought the polka dot fabric at JoAnn's,off the bargain racks for a 1.25yrd. & it only took a 1/2yrd.,the trim I got @ Walmart in the discount bin for a 1.00per spool. I already had the bias tape.
I love that she always props her little hands on her hips when she poses:)
this fabric was leftover from a skirt I made for myself,same process as the above skirt only I made this one a lot less full. The little hearts detail was inspiration from a baby Boden catalog. I see now her skirt is on slightly crooked,but cute none the less:)
more sewing projects coming soon...

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