Sunday, March 18, 2012


    Meet Lucy,the newest addition to our family. We are already smitten.
We promised the children we would get them a small puppy this spring/summer to play with outdoors. Lucy is half Malti-Poo & half Rat Terrier so she will stay tiny,perfect for the children!
Aaly has already claimed her for her own,she said "since I don't have a sister she should be mine",who can argue with that?...we did tell her though that Lucy is for us all,not just her:)
I love everything about this photo! Aaly is looking so concerned. She was scared Lucy would fall out of the basket. Needless to say she is a very loved little puppy! Shes just so stinkin cute!


  1. The boys were so excited to see her on here! Looks like she's in good hands:)

  2. Ada,she is very loved! the kids ran up the lane tonight,off the bus & i could hear them fighting who gets to hold her 1st! River sits on the floor beside her & just giggles & giggles:)