Thursday, March 1, 2012

O Happy Day...

 Yesterday my day started with a BOOM! quite literally....a big crack of thunder woke me followed by a downpour of rain. Before I could even get out of bed I had two children standing in the doorway of our bedroom with eyes like saucers,wondering what had made that loud noise. While getting the children breakfast it occurred to me that if it's  raining Andy would likely be home early from work,YAY! that meant I could go get my groceries all by myself while he watched the little boys(and possibly get some thrift store shopping in too.)double YAY! He got home about noon and I was off!
 These little lovelies were just one of my happy purchases for the day and I knew exactly where I was going to put them.
They also inspired me to redo a little corner of our living room...
I brought this chandelier up from the basement,purchased at a G.S. a couple years ago for 1.00! Thought it went very well with my little shabby chic corner.
this was another one of my happy purchases. I've been looking for a wooden crate like this for a long time @ a reasonable price & yesterday was finally that day. Picked this one up for 15.00 @ one of my favorite local antique stores in Millersburg,Starlight antiques or something like that.
 not sure where it will end up yet,initially I thought I'd plant flowers in it but now I'm not sure.thats the beauty of it,the possibilities are endless:)
This little guy was chillin on the floor watching me take photos & that smile was just begging to have it's picture taken.
I spent the afternoon stopping @ places I normally don't when I have the boys with me. I was able to take my time, without thinking I have to quick just get what I need so I can get home & put the boys down for naps before they have sleep deprived a very BIG thank you to my wonderful Husband for giving me the afternoon to catch up on some ME time. A very HAPPY day indeed:)!



  1. this looks awesome!! You are becoming quite the inspirational blogger

  2. Sounds like a very lovely day! Love that chandelier!