Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pumpkin painting & Pastries

The colors of Autumn are my absolute favorite.
The Farmer's Market, just down the road from us, is just a tiny, whole-in-the-wall kind of place, but the produce that is piled high every fall makes it one of my happy places each year :)
Large bins of apples, pumpkins for days, baskets of plums & juicy red tomatoes.
Today, when I walked through the produce tent, the overwhelming, sweet smell of the Concord grapes, stopped me dead in my tracks. They smelled SO good!

Today the Market was offering Free Pumpkin painting for the children, free juicy drinks, donuts & cinnamon rolls & Ice cream cones for 25 cents each.
The children consumed more sugar in one morning, than I think they get normally in a months time...crazy!

We're suckers for freebies, especially if they involve Fall activities & good food ;)

Husband is headed to the hunting grounds, to set up tree stands & trail cams, with the 3 older children. I'm hoping they walk off all that sugar & get it out of they're system before they get home. 
The 2 little guys & I are taking lazy, Saturday afternoon naps while they're gone.(Netflix & the thunder-storm last night, had me up  much longer than I would've liked)

Happy Saturday!

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