Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Quiet Days

Coming out of a pretty crazy week, last week & a long weekend for the school kids...Throw in some canning etc., it was pretty crazy.

Today has been different. We've had a quiet day of home-school. Catching up on laundry & putting all the clutter back in it's place.

Between loads of laundry, little man climbed onto my lap, pulled his shirt up & said, Tickle my skin, Mama...Our children have done this for as long as I can remember. Even as babies, when I'd rock them to sleep, it was the one thing that would instantly relax them.

Home-school lunches are pretty simple around here. It's often some type of finger food thats quick & easy. Today, lunch was Pillsbury biscuits pressed flat with pizza toppings added & baked, & fresh apple cider...

...There is hazelnut coffee, chilling in the fridge, perfect for a tall glass of iced coffee while little man naps & the older children & I have our designated reading time. But for now, I'm headed out to breathe in this absolutely gorgeous, fall-like afternoon with my kids.

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