Thursday, September 15, 2016

Boys will be Boys...

This one is ALL boy...
From the tips of his dust covered toes, to the top of his buzz cut head(hair)...cause it's less work to wash & care for, of course! (His words, not mine)

He's the creative one...minnow traps out of plastic bottles. Fishing lines from a tin can. Spears carved from sticks. If there is something he wants for his next adventure & doesn't have it, he'll make it from anything he can get his hands on.

Countless hours are spent wandering the woods behind our home, with a BB gun in hand & his four-legged sidekick close behind.
The creek provides endless opportunities for him to bring home freshly caught "pets" such as turtles, sun fish, creek chubs & crawdads...

He's an artist.
The images come alive with the scratch of pencil to paper. Animals & cartoons are his favorite things to sketch. 

Hes not a boy...not yet a man...
This age has it's challenges. Yet, we are embracing them. Remembering not so very long ago, our own years of awkwardness, where we didn't always know where we fit in. Where sometimes we needed to be reprimanded like a child & next thing we knew, we were being told,"you are old enough to be responsible for this, that, or the other" 
We remember, so we show grace.

Give him the right book & he'll read for hours...he's our deep thinker, coming up with questions that I may never have the answer to. Even as a toddler, he could sit for extended periods of time, pouring over stacks of picture books... matter what stage of life you're in or what you're interests are, know that we love you. Forever & always.

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