Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Weekend away for the Mamas

About a month ago, our brother Gary reserved a Bed & Breakfast for one evening, for the ladies of the family, to get away for a kid-free weekend.
He will likely never know what a treat it was for us all!
We all met at Mom's & piled into one car & headed out for an evening of shopping & dinner...


Disclaimer: There were lots of selfies & blurry cell-phone pictures, but not documenting this weekend, was not an option :)

We were greeted at Quail Covey Bed & breakfast by the sweetest little lady.
She gave us a mini tour, then gave us free rein of the place. we had the whole place to ourselves!
We decided on rooms, then got comfy for a few games of Rummikub & a movie. Meanwhile, Sweet Charlie was in the kitchen, baking up some delicious apple dumplings, that she served with vanilla ice-cream, then later, some big bowls of popcorn....

We ended up all sacked out in the largest suite, talking till nearly midnight, when Mom & Sheila left for their rooms.
Fully intending to sleep, the rest of us headed to our own beds as well...
...Instead, a few pranks, & much gut-wrenching laughter later, us 3 sisters all ended up in the big, king-sized bed,talking till the wee hours of the morning...

Morning greeted us with a tiny, breakfast bell, good strong coffee, & white chocolate/raspberry scones set outside of our bedroom door.

...My morning view from the balcony where I took a few moments to just bask in the silence...

About 9:30, Charlie served us a 3 course breakfast of fresh fruit & yogurt, quiche, & baked french toast-it was amazing!

Next on the agenda, was a whole day of shopping! We hit about every store of interest between Hartville & Canton...little boutiques, hardware stores, thrift shops & strip malls!

We all decided that this should become an annual tradition, celebrating Mom's birthday with an overnight shopping trip!

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