Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Homeschool Field Trip

This past weekend we took the kiddos on their 1st field trip of the year.
At the beginning of the calendar year, we purchased a membership for our family at the Akron Zoo. The cost of the membership was 10.00 more than what we'd spend to go one time. The benefit? Being able to go as often as we like till March 2016 at no cost! No parking fees & discounts in the gift shops! 
...A picnic was packed, of deli sandwiches & homemade goodies, & we were off to the Akron Zoo.
In reality, it's more like a very large petting zoo.(without the petting)
There are no giraffes or elephants, & very limited in the monkey/gorilla department...It took us about 
2 1/2 hours to see it all, & we took our time.
Despite all of that, we thoroughly enjoyed our 2 1/2 hours & the tail-gate picnic that followed :)

Even daddy took the slide a few times :)

"don't worry little  bro, I gotcha"

All my "birdies" in a nest. The eldest is NOT amused.

Again, we did not force him to ride the train...he claimed,"next time you can save your money, cause i won't be riding this thing"

My favorite!

Ahh...the boy can smile after all...

He was delighted that the turtle ate from his hand!

2 1/2 hours was enough for this little man. He had all the animals he could handle for one day :)

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