Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Today we took school to the park. 
Yesterday was a super long day, with extra science projects & it felt like we were stuck inside all day.
Today we did our morning work, then headed to the park for a break & finished the school day there.

Crazy hair-Don't care.

Yes, he's about to take a flop :(...He feels the need to try everything his older siblings do.

Going into our 2nd week of school, I feel as if everything is flowing a little more smoothly. We've figured out a schedule that works for us & so far it's been pretty great. 

I could tell the 1st day, that it wasn't going to work, to try & do all subjects, every day....So instead, we work on 2 subjects every day, for longer periods of time.
For example: Mondays is Math & English.
We start the school day at 8:30 with a prayer & our verse for the week(they are required to memorize a new Bible verse each week).
Then we get right into Math & they work on Math till 10:00.
From 10:00-10:15 they take a short break & grab a snack.
From 10:15-11:30 they work on English.
At 11:30 we break for lunch, then it's free time till the little boys go down for their naps at 2:00.
At this time the kiddos get out their Bibles & journals for "quiet time" while I grade their schoolwork for the day...they correct their work if there are any mistakes & then we are done for the day!

And that is how we spend our days lately...:)

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