Sunday, September 20, 2015

Country Living Fair day

The Country Living Fair has become somewhat of a tradition for me every year. I rarely go with the same women each year, but it always turns out to be an amazing day.
This year my sister & I took mom for the very 1st time. She's been wanting to go for years now & something has always come up that it didn't work out for her to go. We had her keep the date open, ordered her ticket, & told her what time to be ready(it was a surprise)...:)

I woke up early, & headed out for mom's house, & was greeted with this lovely sunrise...praying that  God would hold off the rain in the forecast, & thanking Him for the beautiful start to our day...

We ended up driving way out of the way, but still managed to get there within an our of the Fair opening.

This is the only photo I took while there, there were entirely too many things to capture ones attention, to even remember to take photos...The place was crazy full of people & you could hardly do each booth justice...we ended up walking out of there having only bought an architectural piece for my sister & I bought two, 4.00 prints for my living room...

We left the fair, on a mission to find Jeni's, the best icecream on the planet :)
They are often small, hole-in-the-wall kind of places, & almost always located on a street corner.
They serve artisan flavors that do happy little dances with your taste buds!

We saw a sign for this place as we were leaving the fair, but didn't take the time to look for it. After icecream, we decided to back track & find it. We were SO glad we did!
It's a huge warehouse FILLED with anything you could possibly need to renovate a fixer-upper & restore it to it's original beauty.

Here is just a fraction of what you'll see there...

We topped off our evening with a little bit of thrift store shopping a little closer to home...
It was such a good day away, especially for this mama...we missed having our 3rd partner in crime" with us, but we are already talking about next year, & she just doesn't have a choice but to go :)

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