Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Birthday Party for Mama

A Birthday Party for Mom...

My sister has the most beautiful, rustic farmhouse table. Perfect for large groups to gather around & it was decked out beautifully for Mom's 63rd Birthday Party.

The Menu
  • Grilled, Italian Chicken
  • Italian sausage sandwiches, topped with peppers & onions
  • Buttery, Baked Rosemary Potatoes
  • Salad
  • Birthday cake, topped with a cream cheese filling & fresh peaches in a glaze
The food was delicious!

Back porch sittin'

The "tree-house" is always a big hit...Funny story; The 4 yr old came home after the party, exclaiming about all the fun that was had playing in the tree-house, then says,"And Mama, it's a tree-house, but it doesn't have a TREE!"

Watching the kickball game...

All the grandchildren, playing against the adults that wanted to play...

It was a beautiful 90' evening...filled with lots of catching up on each others lives.

Mama, may you be blessed richly, with many more Birthdays-I love you!

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