Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 weeks & counting!

I can't believe that I have less than 10weeks left till the arrival of our baby boy!
This pregnancy seemed to go really fast,with all the Summer busy-ness,school starting again & all the canning,preserving, & freezing that I've been doing.
I have so many questions about this little guy....
will he look like his brothers did when they were born? tiny,very little hair,all weighing in at approx. 6lbs. 4oz.
Or will he look like his sister? chubby,lots of rolls & thick,long black hair,weighing in at 7lbs. 71/2oz.
Will he be fussy & need very little sleep like his oldest brother? or Sleep alot & be very content like his other 3 siblings?
In the beginning of this journey,we really wanted to be able to give Aalyvia a little sister.
Since then God has shown me in so many ways, why he chose to bless us with a little boy.In these last few weeks,I have been SO thankful that we are having a boy & not a girl.
Not only will it be great for River to have a brother so close in age(there is a 4yr gap between Weston & River),but I also don't need to go do any MAJOR shopping for this little guy. And to be truly honest,had this baby been a girl,we would likely never have made it to church in time for the sermon!-true story.Boys are easy! & Aalyvia is loving the fact that she never needs to share her room,girly toys etc.;)
According to statistics our little guy is approx.15in. long,3.5lbs & about the size of a large cabbage.
I'm no longer feeling the tiny sporadic kicks that I was feeling before,there are little baby rolls & turns & kicks. This is probably my favorite stage of my pregnancies,I'm on the home stretch,I'm finally feeling more normal,the emotional ups & downs aren't quite so crazy. Yes,I am larger & more uncomfortable in that sense,but that only means I'll be meeting this little guy very soon & I CANNOT wait!

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