Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little Miss' Room

I love this little Miss' room! from the glass chandelier to the pale blue walls(her choice),to the painted,pressed wood flooring. I'll be alittle sad when the carpeting goes in. I know it will be cozier & more practical(less flooring to mop),but I like the look of the painted floor.
She has her own little table & chairs,rocking chair & highchair for playing dolls. Someday they will all get painted,I just haven't decided yet what color they should be.
For her birthday this year,one of the first things on her wish list was a bouquet of flowers to put in a vase on her little table,these are the ones she picked:)
Right now she has a hodge-podge selection of blankets & throws on her bed,I've sewn a patchwork quilt for her,I just need to find the time to get it quilted. Maybe this winter I can get a bunch of Aunts & Grammies to help me out with that. The afgan is a colorful,rainbow throw that I found at our local thrift store that I snatched up for 8.00,she loves it!
Her dresser is in desperate need of some TLC,it needs a fresh coat of paint(can't decide if I want to go with a bright,fresh color or just repaint it white) & then I'd like to change out her old,falling off,wooden drawer pulls with some pretty glass ones.
this hope chest also needs painted & re-upholstered. & her little nook is begging for something to be done with it also. Since the pictures have been taken,the chest has been moved to the foot-end of her bed. Hoping to make this a quiet little reading nook w/ a comfy vintage chair(that I just bought & will be perfect!)
And the girl has more closet space than me! now she just needs closet doors:)
like the 2 posts before this one,once I get all my to-do projects done in their rooms & the trim & carpeting get put in,I'll be posting up-dated versions...until then.

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  1. Looks so fresh & bright with those light blue walls! Bet your enjoying your new upstairs..I also like the painted floor!