Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby E's cuddle blankets

Yes,I did just do that. Name drop-Letter drop,in this case:)
We finally have a name for the little guy that Andy & I both agree on. And with all the baby boys that are coming soon,we just want you all to know that if you have a son before us & use the name we have chosen,we will be comin for ya! no, just messing with ya:)
but in all seriousness,our son's name will not be changed,regardless of
what you all name your boys:)-
I found this fun Giraffe skin print at JoAnn Fabrics,I bought a 3/4yrd. for 12.00 & was able to get 4 cuddle blankets from it.If I would've bought his cuddle blankets they would've cost me 12.00 for just one! & I like to have a few spares:) I had bought some black satin, blanket trim to trim them with, but with the thickness of the fabric it just got really bulky & stiff,not something a child would want to snuggle with. So I just sewed around the edges,turned the right sides out & sewed a reinforcing stitch all around the edges to give it some detail & they turned out great!
I'm not sure why I'm loving the animal prints so much this time,but thats what I keep buying:)
I purchased this leapord print blanket with a fleece lining at Kohls with a 30% off coupon & it was already on sale @ 20% off & it ended up being only 12.00!
Next on my to-do list is to make some burp cloths,hoping to get to those very soon. The days & weeks are passing so quickly that there are days when I feel like there will not be enough time to finish getting ready for this little guy.

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