Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Painting......& Pregnant

I don't know what it is with me & wanting needing to paint when I'm pregnant...It makes my family crazy!
Not sure if it's the whole nesting thing or if it's something more,maybe it's the need to feel like I have control over something when I am so powerless over the changes my body is going through & all the emotions that come along with being pregnant.
Anyway...I'm painting trim & doors in our house right now.
Wanting to get all the trim & doors painted in the living room/foyer part of the house because those rooms are getting painted again...(the same ones that got painted when I was pregnant with River 18months ago).
all the trim & doors were this ugly oak that you see on the left...when I went to buy paint for the trim,I got the Glidden paint/primer in one,premixed white.(I'm not a complicated girl)...& I totally believed the grandpa behind the counter when he said,"oh this is some good stuff,you will only need 1coat of paint,it covers that good!".....well,after 3coats,it finally covered all the oak. A few weeks later I noticed a huge spot where paint had literally been scratched off by little fingernails...since then I've been painting a primer 1st then 2coats of the Glidden paint/primer...It's covering great & no matter how hard the kiddos try,It cannot be scratched off. Now when I have our almost monthly work day with my mom & sisters,the living room/foyer will be ready to paint,again;)

will post more pics after it's all prettied up again:)...till then,what are your pregnancy quirks? is there anything you do when you're pregnant that drives your family bonkers?
would love to hear about them:)

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  1. I'm not pregnant but my quirk is to move furniture whenever it is time for my period... does that count? I had a great time at your house the other day.