Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day in Pictures

    We had an amazing weekend,just us & the children! For the 1st time since Andy & I have been married(10yrs. now) we did NOT spend the day at a ball tournament over Memorial Day weekend & I loved it!!!!!!
    Saturday eve.we took the children to Pizza Hut for supper after spending most of the day in the pool. Then Sunday we missed church,Dawson had a Veterans ceremony to attend with his group of cub scouts,including a mini parade to the cemetery followed by a memorial to those who gave their lives to give us the freedom we enjoy today...

    When we got home there was bowls of popcorn all around before heading back out to the pool...
    Monday morning we headed towards my hometown of Mt.Eaton to watch the Memorial Day parade.(all 6min.& 30sec. of it)....:)
    Little brother NOT cooperating!
    Grandpa happened to go through town & saw us sitting there so he stopped & watched the parade with us.
    The band is always our favorite part of the parade:)
    The children with their stash of candies...we had intended to take them to the Wilderness center to feed the fish in the afternoon or take them fishing but it was just way too hot,they wanted to go home & get in the pool(can you guess where they will be spending the majority of their Summer Vacation??)
    So this is what they did till the sun went down then there were s'mores to make over the fire pit till more day of school then its lazy days of Summer schedules,staying up late & sleeping in,soaking up the sun,Popsicles & picnics outside under the big maple tree....

                                         HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TO YOU ALL...

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