Wednesday, June 13, 2012

17months...learning to eat on your own is hard work

This little guy refuses to let us feed him any longer,he wants to do everything for himself. We are occasionally allowed to fill his spoon for him but he has to be the one to put it in his mouth. This results in huge messes at all mealtimes.
    hamming it up for the camera:)
"I will conquer the spoon!"...(one of these days)
the spoon somehow always manages to turn upside down before he gets it to his mouth:(
If all else fails...use your fingers:)
and eventually the spoon always finds it's way to the hair,it's not a complete meal without getting  food in his hair...or so it seems
last night I heard quite a bit of stirring in this little guys crib & the occasional bump & OW! but he always went right back to sleep so I didn't worry too much.This morning,this was how i found him in his crib:)
his little feet sticking straight out from his crib:)
he hasn't been sleeping well due to the fact that he's working on pushing 2 of his eye teeth through so we've had some very restless nights. This one must have been exceptional!

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