Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My mother's day started out with a Dozen pink Roses & Breakfast in bed!
I heard little whispers & daddy saying shhh...quietly as they all came tip-toeing into the bedroom with 2eggs cooked to perfection & toast to dip into the rich gooey-ness of my dippy eggs,nestled on my favorite plate(purchased at save n serve for .50) & a tall glass of OJ.
I did end up taking my breakfast out to the dining table to enjoy it with my family.
The children were so excited to have helped daddy make breakfast for mommy.

After breakfast the children asked if they could use some of my copy paper & their crayons,I was more than happy to let them draw while I went & got a long, quiet, uninterrupted shower. When I was finished the children surprised me with their homemade  Mother's Day cards...
from Weston,there was a vase with flowers in it on the inside.
from Aalyvia,there was another horse on the inside.
from Dawson...
this was the inside of  Dawson's card:) if you look closely at his self portrait,it does not have a nose. After the 2 younger ones brought me their cards they said,"it's taking Dawson a long time cuz he can't get his nose right"...I wasn't sure what they meant but then when Dawson brought his card out he explained to me that he couldn't get his nose right so he just didn't make one:)

After lunch we all went to Shreve Lake to fish off the bank,something we all love to do.
Andy hardly got any fishing done,his job was to put worms on hooks & fish off hooks. Aalyvia was the only one who put her own worms on. I think I shuddered every time I watched her put one on,blech!
River's fish line was NOT being cooperative:) He was not happy with it.
We didn't fish too long,they didn't seem to be too hungry so we came home & I made big bowls of popcorn for everyone while we watched America's Funniest Home Videos:)...
It was a really good Mother's Day!

what did all of you do for Mother's Day?!