Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 years & counting...

10 years ago......actually our love story started long before that.
When I was 19years old I prayed that the man I was supposed to marry would first become a good friend of mine before I even thought of him as someone I might get married to.
That same year I met Andy for the first time through mutual friends & cousins of his.At the time he was dating someone else:( but after we met we became friends & spent a lot of time together as a group of friends we referred to as "The Gang". Within several months Andy's relationship ended with the other girl. January of 2001,only 6months later I get a phone call from my best friend saying"you won't believe who is going to ask you out!"
Sure enough that next weekend "The Gang" got together & Andy waited till everybody else left then walked me to my car & asked if  I would like to go out on a date with him:)...I said yes,of course!
That same year on the night of Christmas with my family,after everyone else had left Andy asked if I would marry him....again,I said YES!
And that takes us to our wedding day,May 3rd 2002...
That day seems like a lifetime ago in some ways,but in other ways it feels like it just happened yesterday.So many things have happened in the last 10yrs. & I'm happy I could share them with Andy.There is no one else I want by my side to share this journey with...

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