Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines day

 I can honestly say this year was one of the best Valentines day we've had together so far. We made it all about the children & family. Judging by the look on their faces I think they would agree:)
Our day started at 7:00 getting children up for school,Valentine cookies & milk then Andy bathed all four children while I laid out their clothes for the day,(pink & red colors of course).
We surprised the children by picking them up from school & taking them out for pizza at our local pizza shop for lunch,they were thrilled! then it was back to school for them.
LOVE is patient,LOVE is kind,it is not rude,it is not easily angered,LOVE always protects,always trusts,always hopes,always perseveres...1Corinthians 13...
This was my only attempt at decorating for valentines,I wanted to decorate the table for dinner with lots of pinks & reds & cards with little love notes for everyone but it just didn't get done. By the time we got home from meeting the children for lunch,I was fighting a terrible sinus headache & just wanted to take a nap with the littles. After resting with them & feeling much better,it was time to start dinner.
she was so impressed that the pizza was a heart,she said"mommy you have to take a picture of me with the pizza". She also said I was the best "cooker" ever!:)....(I know,pizza,twice in one day??,you ask) but it was the only thing I could think of to make that I could shape like a heart & nobody seemed to mind;)
River was cleaning out my dirty laundry basket & found 2 dirty dish-rags that he brought into the kitchen,putting them up to his nose pretending he was cleaning his nose.
& now hes cleaning my windows...
& the floor...
hes a very busy little guy,I love him to pieces!
the little boys having a sword hanger fight
River managed to get Weston trapped in a corner,he thought he was all that & a bag of chips:)
We ended our evening with games & the older children reading stories to us. After bedtime prayers we tucked them into their  beds & Aalyvia whispers in my ear"mommy,this was the best Valentines day ever"
and that my friends was the best Valentines I could have asked for!

Happy Valentines Day to you all,what did you do to celebrate this day of Love?

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  1. enjoyed your post immensely!as always :)Loved your idea of surprising the kids by taking them out for lunch. I think making it fun for the kids and just seeing their faces is as rewarding (if not more so)than going out by yourselves. especially after being married awhile :) Not that I don't need a date w my valentine occaisionally,but that is a treat no matter when it happens!