Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weston 5Yrs. old...Lego Party

It doesn't seem so very long ago that you were this tiny,somehow 5 yrs. have passed in what seems like just a few days. 
you've always been the easy-going,laid back little guy of the bunch...that is, until someone crosses you:)

I love those big,baby-blues that always seem to have a sparkle in them.
Today you are a very "big", sweet, intelligent, little man-I love you!
 This year we did a Lego theme,Weston is a BIG fan of Legos, of all shapes & sizes.
This cake went through a lot of trial & error before it turned out like this. But thanks to my big sis, the cake was saved(a little food color mist spray saved the day).
Lego holder for the silverware...
I didn't get a close-up of the finger jello, it's also in the shape of little Legos. And the green punch can be explained...I asked Weston what color punch he wants, Green is his favorite color. So of course it had to be green:) the inside of the cake is also green(I think grampa R had a hard time with the fact that he was eating green cake)..:)
blowing out the birthday candles...make a wish!
these 3 little guys had three rounds of cake before the evening was through!
from gramma & grampa R.
from gramma & grampa H.
the hot wheels scooter was from mommy & daddy, he claimed he needed a big kid scooter(his other one had 3 wheels), "big kids don't need 3wheels", he claimed.
normally we combine the 2 July birthdays w/ his sister & have a big party at the park, but this year I wanted them all to have their own special parties. I think this one was a success from the expressions on his face:)

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