Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday...

    Monday mornings don't get much better than the one I've had today...I woke up to Andy still snuggled sprawled out beside me & my baby boo peeking over the side of his crib,smiling around his pacifier,wondering if mommy & daddy were ever going to get out of bed & feed him.
    Got the two older kids off to school without a hitch then started my laundry which turned out to be only 5 loads instead of my usual 8! yay!

    The sun was just begging me to hang out my towels & bedding,love seeing the linens blowing in the breeze.
I think every toy that the children own has made it's way into the living room,but I haven't heard any crying or fighting yet today so they can just wallow in the toys to their hearts content.
    The tongue always comes out when hes thinking or concentrating really hard:)
    where did it go mom? my ball was here a minute ago....

    I have steak in the crock pot with a mushroom sauce,getting ready to be served with rice & a salad for dinner. So no hurried,what do I make for dinner dilemma washing machine is telling me it's done cleaning my laundry & is ready for another load.
good-bye for now & Happy Monday to you all!

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