Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An all day baking kind of day...

    I don't normally post recipes on my blog but I spent the whole day in the kitchen so I thought I'd share what I've been up to...
We are completely out of baked goodies & it's so close to Valentines day so I thought cutouts would be a good choice.I got the recipe out of our church cookbook(United Dayspring).
1c.brown sugar,1c.white sugar,1c.butter,2eggs,1c.milk,2tsp.baking soda,3tsp.baking powder,1tsp.vanilla,1/2tsp.salt,6c.flour.combine butter & sugars then add the rest of the ingredients.roll out the dough on a floured surface & cut into desired shapes.bake @ 350' till just set.the best part of this recipe is there is no chilling time.
I was sure i saw a heart cookie cutter in my drawer last week but today when i went to get it,it was missing. My guess is,a couple little play-dough-playing kiddos snatched it & forgot to bring it back so I improvised...flower shaped cookies with hearts piped onto them.
they were a hit! The children smelled them as soon as they got in the house after school.

I decided if I'm baking anyway I'm going to make a pan of  Pumpkin cinnamon rolls for our neighbors. While Andy was gone for 9days in Haiti the neighbor boy came over every day to feed our chickens for me so I didn't have to bundle the children up every day & take them out with me to feed them.A HUGE help considering how chaotic my week was,& they didn't let me pay them so this was something I could do for them in exchange.
this is the only recipe I ever use for cinnamon rolls,they truly are the best!
Melt 2/3c.milk & 4TBLS. butter in a saucepan till scalding.while that is getting hot combine,1c.pumpkin,4TBLS.white sugar,1tsp.salt,2eggs,2pkgs.yeast.slowly add the milk mixture while whisking.then add 4c.flour,knead well,let rise till doubled,roll out onto a floured surface,brush with 4TBLS.melted butter & sprinkle with 1/2c. brown sugar & 2tsp.cinnamon.roll up,jelly roll style & cut into in a baking pan & let rise again till doubled, bake @ 350' for 20min.frost with your favorite icing. 

Then for dinner we had pizza rolls,my own invention:)
use your favorite pizza dough recipe,roll it out onto a floured surface,top with your favorite toppings then roll,jelly roll style & cut into 1 inch sections & place on a baking sheet.bake @ 375' till done.
when done brush the tops with 4TBLS.melted butter & 1TBLS.garlic salt,they are delicious!
this is how my kitchen counters look like when I'm in my baking zone! I ran the dishwasher twice today & still had to hand wash some dishes myself.

let me know if you enjoyed the recipes:)! reading your comments!

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  1. I'm not sure why it linked up the words cookie cutter,baking pan & dishwasher.just ignore it:)