Saturday, October 22, 2016

River stories

All 3 of these conversations happened just tonight & I knew I needed to document them so I'd have them forever :)

Driving through Berlin, I told the kiddos to be sure that they're buckled cause there is often a police car parked at the edge of town...
"I'm gonna buckle up, mama! Cause I don't want the cops to take you to jail"
"Why don't you want the police to take me?
"cause you're special, & I want to keep you forever" (heart melted)

Walking through Wal-mart, looking for a few items that the boys need for school next week, They're having a drug prevention week & are wearing special colors & types of clothing for each day....
I asked River, why they need special clothes for school, wanting  to see if he knew the purpose...
"Cause we're gonna do drugs at school next week" ;) ...Not quite. I needed to explain it a little further for him :)

Again, in the car...
"Mama, I'm gonna need to get married...yeah, I'm getting married."
"...& just why do you need to get married?"
"Cause the boys are the boss!"
"They are huh?"
"yep! & they take care of the girl, & they are responsible for her, my teacher said so!'

He never ceases to surprise me with the words that come out of his mouth :)

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