Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Apples & Mamas

There is no store-bought applesauce that compares to the flavor & texture of homemade applesauce!
We've been out for at least 6 months & I was about to cave & buy the store bought when I saw that a local business had the apples we love for sauce, & they were on sale for 15.50 a bushel! 
I'll take about 4 of those, Please & Thank you!
These 2 were kept busy filling bowls with apples as fast as we could slice & cook them...

Thank God for Mamas!! And I don't say that lightly.
The day we had apples to do, I woke up with one of those, make-you-sick-to-your-stomach, headaches & had about zero energy!
Mama came to help & kept putting apples through even when I needed to stop every now & then to rest so as to avoid becoming a heap on the floor.
A job that would likely have taken me several days, only took us about half  a day with her help.

This year I used an organic, crystallized, cane sugar to sweeten my applesauce.
We use the "Ginger Gold" & they require very little to no sweeteners, but we like our sauce extra sweet & the cane sugar worked great! 

Applesauce always comes towards the end of canning season so I feel like I'm finally winding down from the hustle & bustle that is canning season.
Grape juice & apple pie filling are still on the "to do" list, then I can rest assured that I can hibernate for the winter  & my family won't go hungry ;)

What have you been canning & preserving this Fall? or am I the only crazy canning lady out there?

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