Monday, September 8, 2014


Gardening is a total leap of faith for me ... despite all evidence to the contrary I am planting, tending, watching waiting ... always a teensy bit thrilled the plants have made it through another day.

Harvest was good to us this year!
 Theres something about the vibrant orange colors & the anticipation of fall that makes me almost giddy .
Fall...with the cooler temperatures, saturated colors, the beautiful clear skies with white puffy clouds-makes me feel as if anything is possible!
Every new Fall, I feel as if I have a chance at a new beginning. Even more so than when the new year actually begins.

We picked a whole wheel barrow full of pumpkins & butternut squash. First they will brighten our flower beds & home during the fall months, then they will be roasted & canned for some delicious pumpkin pies & soon as they were picked, little man with no shirt was begging for pumpkin pie :)

If you're local to Fredericksburg & you love mums, Moreland Fruit Farms has big, beautiful ones! 4 for 15.00!

Our tomatoes were plentiful! This is one of maybe 3-4 wagons full that we picked from our garden.
These became soups, sauces & salsa...I'll be sharing the recipes I used in a future post.

Happy Fall Y'all Chalkboard Printable Quote via Nest of Posies

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