Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The one where I vent & share random summer-time photos of my family.

Disclaimer: This is where I vent & then feel better. Some people write it all down & it's soothing for them to put it all on paper & walk away. Blogging about our journey is my way coping, my way of being OK with it all again. I do this for me.

Today was one of those days where there were lots of highs & lows. Starting first thing this morning when River came to our bedside & says, "I'm going to throw up mommy, my tummy hurts"
I grab him & run for the nearest bathroom-talk about hitting the ground running, at 6:00am no less!
And when he couldn't, I tucked him into some cozy blankets & we snuggled/tried to go back to sleep on the couch....then about 6:45 I get my 2nd wake up call from Asher who wants his warm(organic) chocolate milk bottle-yeah, I'm that mom-the one who feeds her child chocolate for breakfast.
Moving on...
Then it was time to call in reinforcements (daddy) to get the others up & ready for school while I bathed the stinky sick one...Then I come into the kitchen just as the big kids are heading out for the bus & realize lunches had not been packed! As I lovingly scowl at my better half, he says ever so kindly, "I'll help you get their lunches ready & run them down to school before they even know what they're missing"...hes pretty awesome like that.

Then about 10:00 I open the front door to see a friend with a handful of Walnutcreek Cheese donuts, wanting to help me for the day!!!! She baked 4 big, puffy loaves of organic sprouted spelt bread for me & helped me clean my bathrooms-thanks Gen!

She left about 2:30 & thats when the 3yr old wakes up with a screaming fever of 103.0!

The only thing ready for supper was a salad that Gen put together before she left & now I have a 3yr. old who wants nothing but to be snuggled till all the ouchies go away & a mommy who wants to do just that, but there is supper to prepare...

6 months ago I would have grabbed the phone & called the nearest pizza joint to deliver supper so I could snuggle my sick baby to his hearts content,but that wasn't going to happen cause there are exactly 3 people in the house that aren't supposed to have pizza unless it's homemade organic sprouted pizza.

This is where anger starts creeping in. Anger at the situation we've been put in. Anger that there are food limitations. Anger that all the food I worked so hard to prepare for my freezer & cellar last summer/fall are mostly things I can't use due to the new diet changes. So there are zero convenient foods in the house. Everything is made from scratch & there is nothing that I can just throw in the oven.

I make supper while sick one lays on the couch alone snuggled in his blankets & we eventually all sit down to eat. 

By this time little man's meds had started working & he was feeling well enough to sit & eat a few bites with us.
God must have known I needed a mood lifter & a good laugh cause during supper, our oldest, who usually dominates the dinner table conversations, was on a roll with all his stories from school..

Thats when we hear little pounding fists on the table & River saying, "I NEED TO TALK NOW!"
Someone was feeling left out :)

A little later, after supper(there was a 6yr. old who was NOT happy with his dinner) we were sitting in the living room when I remembered that I had found a Domino packet of sugar in the bathroom earlier today while cleaning. When said 6yr old discovered that he'd been found out he has a complete meltdown & says, "I'm tired of organic food!, I want REAL food!" 

I'm so thankful that God knows exactly what we need, when we need it...& tonight I needed some really good laughs & they came in the form of my exasperated children whom I love most dearly. 
So my prayer tonight is that tomorrow brings children that are feeling well. A mommy who is a little more organized with her meals. And a fun snowed-in day with my family! 

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