Wednesday, February 12, 2014

vegetable beef soup

Okay, so it's not Tuesday but I have another recipe for you all.
I can't take the credit for this one either, but it is delicious & I  can't keep it to myself. 
I've been canning veggie soup for years & apparently I've been doing it all wrong :) 
My friend shared this one with me one day over lunch & I had to make some of my own.
It has such a full bodied flavor without being over-the-top. So without further ado...:)

Vegetable Beef Soup
4lbs. roast
4-5 quart tomato juice
2-3 quart beef broth
1 quart each of;
carrots, chopped
peas or green beans 
celery, chopped
navy beans
2c. onions, chopped
1Tbs. chili powder
1/2c. maple syrup
3Tbs. sea salt

-cook the roast in a crock pot, on low for 8-10hrs. pull apart into small pieces & set aside. In a large stock pot combine tomato juice,  beef broth, maple syrup & chili seasoning & salt. Add veggies & roast & simmer till broth thickens slightly. When desired thickness is reached, pour into jars & cold pack in a hot water bath for 3 hours.

-The beef broth is what makes this recipe so delicious! And the chili seasoning gives it the perfect balance of warmth.


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