Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Canning: Green beans

This is the beginning of a Blog series that I'll be doing through out the remainder of the Summer & Fall. I've had so many inquiries of how & what I freeze, can & preserve That I thought I'd document it all here & It will be easier to find it & refer to it as someone has a question.
I'll also try to include a quick, easy recipe using the ingredient that I'm preserving.
There is something about canning & preserving fruits & veggies that I've grown myself, to feed my family. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction that I'm feeding my family food that doesn't have loads of preservatives & ingredients that you can't hardly pronounce.
The 1st veggie harvested from our garden that needed preserving was green beans...
After I harvest & clean the green beans I pack them tightly into wide-mouth quart jars.
 1TBS. real lemon juice
1Tsp. salt
Then fill with water, up to the neck of the jar.
Wipe clean the rim of the jar then place your lids onto the jars & screw the rings on tightly.
I use a hot water bath to do all my canning.
Place the jars into the canner & fill it with water, almost up to the neck of the jars. I also add a little vinegar to the water. It helps your jars to come out shiny & clear vs. chalky & dry(depending on your water).
Put the lid on the canner.
Turn your burners on high, when the water comes to a rolling boil, time it for 1hr. then turn off your stove top.
Lift the jars out carefully with canning tongs & place on a tea towel.
I leave mine set for 24hrs. before moving them to ensure they are all properly sealed & cooled.
Remove the rings & wash your jars with lukewarm soapy water, then they are ready to store!
Our favorite way of preparing the green beans...
Drain all the water from the jar.
In a medium saucepan brown 3TBS. butter.
Immediately add the green beans to the pan.
Then season with Greek seasoning.
Toss beans in the saucepan till hot, then serve.
Our children wouldn't touch green beans with a 10ft pole till I prepared them with Greek seasoning. Now I can't hardly make enough.
PS...I used to cold pack my gr. beans for 3hrs! (to ensure proper sealing of the lids) till I discovered the acidity in the real lemon juice only requires you to cold pack them for 1hr...HUGE difference! I'll never go back!
Happy canning ya'll!

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