Monday, July 29, 2013

Canning: Banana pickles

Banana Pickles
Banana Pickles & 7day sweet pickles are the only pickles that my family will eat(and I always get my Mom to make the 7day sweet for me cause they never turn out quite as good if I do them) :)

Peel & slice in quarters, length-wise.
Pack tightly into quart or pint jars.
In a large saucepan, combine:
6cup organic cane sugar
2cup water
2cup vinegar
2tsp. turmeric
2tsp. salt
2tsp. mustard seed...
...Bring to a boil then time it for 1minute.
Pour over the pickles in the jars, up to the neck of the jar.
Clean the rim of the jars thoroughly, then top with the lids & close tightly with the rings.
Place them in the canner, & fill the canner with water & 1/2c. vinegar. bring to a boil then time it for 10minutes.
 Remove from the canner & let the jars set for 24hrs to seal & cool completely on a tea towel.
Remove rings & clean jars with lukewarm soapy water before storing them.

*I often double or triple the sauce recipe for the pickles, depending how many pickles I have to do. It saves me some time. If there is leftover, I just store it in the fridge & warm it up when making the next batch.
*Instead of keeping the pickles in slices, I dice them in large chunks, it's easier for the children to eat them that way.
*When filling your canner with water, always make that the water temperature is as close to the liquid temperature in your jars as possible to prevent your jars from cracking & breaking.

I never use these in a recipe...
The children tend to eat them like candy if I open a jar to eat with a meal:)
Husband loves to pile them onto burgers.

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