Monday, July 22, 2013

CAMPING.The good. The bad. The ugly.

The Good...
I have wonderful memories, going camping with my family, as a little girl. We went every summer. I want to make that my own children get to have memories of camping in the summer-time also!
Asher finally sprouted his very 1st tooth over the weekend!!
Little man loves Oreo cookies! :)
And the after pic...
Bath time for the babies was so much easier in a big plastic storage box than it would have been to take them to the shower houses :)
Tail-gate party with daddy...
We had the playground right beside our sites, the lake right in front of us & the pool right behind us. The perfect spot to keep track of all the kiddos!
GOTCHA! This one was on the move all weekend & I rarely had a chance to snap a photo of him. :)
"chopping wood" for the campfire.
This one was held WAY too much over the weekend!
The Bad...
There wasn't near enough pool time. There was a lot of rain on Friday evening & most of the day Saturday but we did still get a chance to get in in-between rain showers.
Then there was...The Ugly.
There were so many mosquitos & deer flies it was ridiculous!!!
The children have huge welts where they were bit up & it didn't matter how often you sprayed your skin with OFF spray, they were NOT deterred! All of us were plastered with bites except for the babies, was so thankful they weren't bothered by them. It made sitting around the campfire a much less pleasant experience :(
There was also our sleeping arrangements...
1st of all, we were using a tent that slept 6 & we managed to get 7 people in there with about 3sq. ft. of walking space. Imagine an air mattress, a pack n play, & 4 sleeping bags, all in a row. Inside a tent, that was sitting on a slope(the only shady spot). Everyone fell asleep ok, but keeping them that way turned out to be a MAJOR challenge! River, who was sleeping next to Asher's pack n play, kept sliding under it. The older 3 children kept rolling down onto a heap at the back of the tent as they would shift & move in their sleep. Which would then turn into them waking in a jumbled heap & literally having all-out war over where they all belonged & who's sleeping bag was who's.
At one point they had River dragged halfway across the tent thinking He had their sleeping bag!
all I could see at one point was silhouettes of sleeping bags flying in the moonlight & children whispering loudly that they didn't have the right sleeping bags-it wasn't pretty! That is when I say through clenched teeth, in a loud whisper,THAT IS ENOUGH! or we are piling into the van & headed home! It only took a few moments for them to be ok with the sleeping bags that were closest & fall back asleep.
Don't let the innocent faces fool you...
Hey there! Good morning baby love!
...And when morning came, I had a nice heart to heart with Husband, letting him know, tent camping is no longer an option. If we don't have a camper to rent or have a camper of our own by the time we go camping again, then mamma is taking the babies home to sleep every night & papa can deal with the sleeping bag ninjas!

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