Friday, January 6, 2012

simply white

There was a time, not too long ago when the only thing I wanted to do was walk into this bedroom & turn the lights off so I wouldn't have to see it.
It's the last room of our home to get a facelift.I've been putting it off because I wanted it to be perfect.
1st I'm going to show you you before photos & you'll see what I mean...
We discovered we had mold underneath our wallpaper & that was all the motivation I needed to start tearing it off the walls & start fresh...tip from my local hardware,equal parts water & bleach sprayed on to the mold & wiped clean will kill any mold that you have.(it worked great!)
It's not a happy place...
And then there was the master-bath...
Now before you go & get too depressed,I have the AFTER photos...I now have a room that I'm very much in love with!
If I just lay here,would you lay with me & just forget the world...(part of a song that I love).
There is more to the bedroom than this but it's occupied by a little person yet & I didn't think his crib would be too flattering in the blog:)
This photo turned out really bright,the sun was brilliantly shining through the window,but you can see that I painted the vanity cupboards completely white.

I purchased these jars at my local Walmart but didn't like the shiny silver lids so I spray painted them a nice bronze color.Now they are holding bathroom essentials.

The paint i used throughout the whole bed/bathroom is colorplace,premixed white,purchased at Walmart & I'm very pleased with it!Now It"s a happy place:) one that I wanted to share with you...


  1. You did an amazing job!!! Love Love Love it!!

  2. wasn't it you that said BORING when i told you i planned to do all white:)?....& thank you!

  3. I love the clean white serene place,Good Job!