Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big January Birthday Bash!

There are only 6 birthdays in January on my in-laws side of the family,Grandpa,2 Aunts,a cousin & 2 of our boys! so January is a big celebration month.This year we got to celebrate a special birthday,(all birthdays are special) but when a baby turns a yr. old here it's a pretty big deal:)
 I found the idea for this monkey cake & the birthday banner above on Pinterest
although Dawson claimed it looked more like a bear,I think I agree.But it didn't matter to River,monkey OR bear,he enjoyed his cake thoroughly!
 he's probably thinking,really? you're actually letting me get my hands messy?
 goin in with both hands with the encouragement from his brother
 Mmmm...thats good!
 when his shirt is off he is constantly playing with his chubby belly rolls,so he would dig into his cake then touch his belly & repeat,so his belly was covered with chocolate:)
& now i've had enough!,is what he seems to be trying to tell us.
 what can I wish for that I don't already have? maybe a DS,like the one the little friend on the right brought to the party & mom caught me sitting in a corner playing with while my friends were off having a wonderful wrestling match,hmmm,yea thats what I want!

 tearing into presents!

 after all the practice River got over Christmas,he knew just what to do when it came time to open his gifts.I swore if anyone ever gifted a drum to one of our children it would go back to where it came's still sitting in the living room with all the other toys though:(
 big sister eager to help

a 100.00 dollar bill from grandpa Raber to start a savings account with,thank you granpa!
Lots of great gifts,good food,& much-loved family times!


  1. Precious! I could definitely tell it was a monkey cake!! adorable!